The Top 6 Trends in Pet Food Packaging You Need to Know About

Pet food manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their product and packaging in order to better suit the needs of pet owners. There are many trends emerging in the industry, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with what is happening.

2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic force people to stay at home, sparking a rise in both e-commerce sales and larger packages of pet food. The convenience that comes with buying online for bulk orders only fuels this growth as owners focus on ensuring their pets’ health is top priority!

And it’s true what they say about pet food. People love their pets, but not at the expense of quality or sustainability! And with a growing number of people who want only natural and organic options for both cat foods as well as dog treats (grain-free especially), it’s no wonder that these two trends continue to rise in popularity among animal enthusiasts.

What about the packaging?

Since pet owners want premium products, it only makes sense that they would want premium packaging too. According to a study from (Pet Food Packaging Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts (, premium packaging plays a key role in appealing to those consumers seeking the best in dog and cat food. So, as you package your next pet food product, consider these top six must-haves to gain consumer attention and sales.

  1. Focus on freshness. 

Keeping pet food and treats fresh should be top of mind when creating the perfect pet package. Focus on using high-quality films with barrier protection to do just that, as well as using a reseal zipper. This allows consumers to securely close the bag or pouch in between feedings, which helps to keep air out and freshness in, extending the shelf life of the product inside. Plus, did you know that consumers prefer the convenience of reseal packaging? 

2Focus on using high-quality films with barrier protection to do just that, as well as using a reseal zipper. 

2. Choose convenience.

Speaking of convenience, consider adding convenience features to your pouch like a stand-up bottom, handles for easy carrying, and easy open tear notches, in addition to the aforementioned reseal zippers. Consider also that consumers love pouches for their lightweight, shatterproof quality, as well as easy portability.

3. Use a see-through window.

Consider adding a transparent window to your pet food pouch or bag so consumers to see the treats inside before they purchase. These windows are a popular choice to showcase what’s inside, and further support your claims on the label of the good stuff inside. 

Use a see-through window

4. Go for the green.

According to the study from, sustainability is a growing concern among many pet owners, impacting purchasing decisions. Consider using recyclable or compostable films, or post-consumer recycled content in your package to lessen your environmental impact. Also consider how utilizing digitally printed flexible packaging can lower your company’s carbon footprint. And lastly, did you know that using eco-friendly packaging can help to set your brand apart? Many packagers today are using sustainable packaging as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, as sustainability plays a growing role in branding and consumer perception.

5. Opt for high-impact graphics.

Since branding and consumer perception are so important, consider how great graphics can help to get your brand noticed. Whether it’s bold and playful, or simple and clean, you know how impactful a great design can be. Use unique and creative artwork, clear images, and vibrant colors to set yourself apart from the competition. Did you know that with pouches you get 360° of space to create your design and tell the brand story? Since you’re not limited to a label, you can use every inch of your package to really capture consumer attention.

6. Choose custom pouches.

Fully branded, custom pouches speak volumes for your brand. And using high-quality materials with great graphics assures pet owners of the quality of the product inside. Since they look and feel premium, packagers today are using custom packaging like pouches to justify charging higher prices for their pet food and treats.

The ePac Difference

Did you know that according to the study mentioned above, flexible packaging is dominating the pet food market? It’s actually not surprising as the package type satisfies all of the six trends mentioned here, and more. 

We know you care about your pets like they are family, and we want to make sure their needs are met. That’s why ePac created pet food packages that have all the convenience features included for a happy customer-pet experience. If you need custom packaging, or just want more information on how to create the perfect package for your pet, contact us today!