Super Team: Revolutionizing Protein Bars for Savvy Snackers

When Michael de Lyon hit the aisles of his local grocery stores searching for his ideal protein bar, he was tired of seeing the changeless options. Michael wanted a different protein bar that wasn’t the same old, same old, made of fruit and chocolate that tasted more like sugar and drywall. 

He wanted something he could grab as an option while out getting exercise, something that suited his tastes; he wanted a protein bar that punched with flavor. He wanted an option rooted in taste but also dense in nutrients.

So, he took matters into his own hands, and Super Team was born. 

“I’m a snacker. I love anything savory, crispy,” de Lyon said when asked why he started his company and what the mission was.

Michael de Lyon, Founder, Super Team

That vision is straightforward: Super Team bars are rooted in nutrition, but taste phenomenal. Every Super Team bar has 18 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. With zero added sugars. 

Plus they’re made with quality ingredients. Less processed and more plant-based foods help the environment. 

“Because I’m a snacker, I’ve struggled with my weight. I had to accept that my snacking wasn’t about to end, but I could create a snack that worked with my lifestyle,” de Lyon said.

The Story of a Snacker 

Based out of Los Angeles, the Super Team bars are crafted in a commercial kitchen downtown. Michael is a one-man army, handling everything from sales to baking, packing orders, and marketing. To say he’s a Swiss army knife of the savory snack world isn’t an understatement. 

“We’re starting to see real sales, finally. Month to month, we’re growing. We’re seeing repeat orders, and some are purchasing subscriptions, which is great,” continued de Lyon.

As a former water polo player, Michael is a dedicated athlete. He also has an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Michael knows a thing or two about business, which helped him when it came time to start Super Team.

The company was born out of frustration over available options. And after a year in the test kitchen, he released the first batch of protein bars. They tasted awesome and got the job done, especially for people counting macros or just wanting something to munch on without feeling guilty. 

Protein Bars Made With Quality Ingredients

According to the Super Team website, the protein bars “are built upon what we believe are timeless nutrition principles rather than chasing a magic bullet.” And that tracks, given Michael’s personal mission for the bars. 

“I wanted our bars to be three things: tasty, nutritious, and convenient. Most snacks on the market don’t have all three,” de Lyon said. 

“I’m a big fitness and nutrition nut, so I wanted our bars to be different. I wanted these to be similar to your favorite brands of chips, something that won’t melt in the car like the usual fruity or chocolate brands. These are more like a cracker or chip substitute, Super Team bars are versatile, and are awesome when paired with hummus, can be used as a salad topper, or even on mac and cheese.” 

With flavors like Zesty BBQ, Everything Bagel, and Spicy Herb, it’s easy to see how the brand has caught on – that’s a collection of everyone’s favorite spices and flavor blends. 

When Two Companies Collaborate for Sustained Success, Cool Things Happen

When asked about his experience with ePac, Michael was more than happy to share his experience working with our team to help him see his vision come true for his protein bar packaging. “I was at Smorgasbord here in LA, and I picked up some One Stripe Chai and absolutely loved their packaging,” he said. “Once I had my Super Team recipes ready, I reached out to One Stripe, and they got me in touch with ePac, and it’s been a great relationship ever since.” 

De Lyon continued, “I wanted a full panel of nutrition facts. Not something hidden under a flap. I wanted people to know what they were eating. We wanted a better customer experience, and ePac could make that happen.”

Michael was also happy with how his sales representative, Gregory Wresilo, helped him early on, “The sales team was super helpful. ePac sent over samples of like 50 other products. I got to see so many styles to help me make the best choice for Super Team. They really held my hand from start to finish. I went to our local plant in Chino. I saw the plant; I saw what they did firsthand. It was a super cool moment,” de Lyon said.

So far, Super Team is in eight independent locations, growing by each quarter. And with Michael’s vision ever-expanding, there’s little doubt the little company he created when he couldn’t get the snacks he wanted will only continue to thrive and grow, one snack at a time. 

If you loved the story of Super Team, we’d love to show you how ePac can help your team move from the farmer’s market to superstore shelves.