Skratch Labs and ePac Deliver A Truly Unique Package Experience

As an official partner to EF Education First Pro Cycling, Skratch Labs wanted to create limited-edition packaging to celebrate the team’s competition in the Tour. To show team pride, they crafted stand-up pouches for their lemon & lime sports hydration drink mix that featured the metallic pink and blue look of the EF team’s jerseys. 

Since 2012, Skratch Labs has been selling sports nutrition products, always made from all real ingredients, designed to help athletes perform their best. To give its customers an even better user experience, the company began working with ePac Boulder in 2017 to revamp its packaging, upgrading to fully custom, high-quality stand-up pouches. This year, they took their dedication to sports performance a step further.

“We believe our customers will think this design is really special. They know the EF team and are excited about the Tour. We hope to drive excitement for the Tour by launching this limited-edition packaging,” says Elliot Freeman, VP, Marketing at Skratch Labs.

Limited-Edition Packaging Uses Mosaic Technology to Generate 10,000 Unique Designs

What really brings the drink mix’s packaging to Tour-level is the collaboration between ePac and HP’s Mosaic print technology. With Mosaic, each pouch in the entire print run features an exclusive colour-shifting design, similar to the EF Pro Cycling jerseys, giving each individual pouch its own unique look. No two pouches are the same. 

Mosaic print technology is an algorithm that automatically generates a high number of unique graphic patterns from a single design, called a seed file. It works by rotating, zooming, and transposing the colours of that file to create unique individual designs. With the EF Pro Cycling jersey-inspired pouches, ePac was able to create 10,000 unique designs from just one seed file. 

This is the first time Skratch Labs has created packaging to match a sports team and the first time ePac has showcased the cutting-edge Mosaic technology. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers and fans expressing their delight in the unique, limited-edition packaging. Skratch Labs and ePac both sell their products internationally, making this an ideal partnership to celebrate the Tour this summer.

“ePac technology and digital printing enables us to order short runs of limited-edition packaging, which gives us an edge over the competition,” says Freeman, “This is a great trial to see what short runs, limited edition, and special package printing can do for us.”

Because ePac is built around state-of-the-art digital printing technology, the company is focused on fast turnaround times and short to medium runs. And since there are never any plates to set up, brands of all sizes can enjoy custom variable printing, ideal for special, limited-edition projects like this one.

The new Skratch Lab packaging is only available for a limited time and is currently sold at select local Colorado bike shops and various retailers in the Boulder area, as well as online at Skratch Labs’ website.

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