On-The-Go Snacking and the Powerful Pouch

Today we all seem to snack more, whether it’s breakfast on the go, snacking between meals, or as meal replacements. While it is common at home, most of our snacking is done on the go; in the car, at our desks, or while walking down the street. And this trend isn’t just affecting adults; kids, toddlers, and babies are snacking too. Luckily, consumer goods companies are in tune to this trend and are offering consumers more options to eat on the go.

According to Mintel, millennials are more likely than any other generation to snack four times a day or, in many cases, more than that. But overall, 94% of Americans are snacking at least once per day. As a result, the CPG industry is registering strong growth, primarily due to the increase in sales for snacking brands.

Snacking on the go requires a different sort of flexible packaging to allow consumers to take the snack with them. The preferred package for on-the-go snacks is the stand up pouch. From nuts to jerky, cheese to fruits, and even tuna fish, pouches deliver healthy snacks to consumers in easy to use packages. And they’re not just easy to use, pouches are lightweight, unbreakable, easy to pack and offer the portion control that consumers crave. Just toss them in your car, bag or locker, and you’re good to go.

According to Snack Genius (snackgenius.com), one of the top snacking trends for 2018 is grabbing convenient, single-serve snacks due to their portion control and portability. According to the website, seeking healthy options for snacking is also a booming trend, including noshing on nuts. The pouch is the perfect solution to these trends as it offers the portability and ease of use that consumers crave. Pouches are already used to package many snacks, from high protein offerings like meat and nuts, to more traditional items like pretzels, dried fruit and granola. The baby food industry has boomed over recent years due to the widely popular pouch that allows parents to pack baby food without the worry of a spill, or the need to pack a spoon. The pouches are also resealable, making them easy to save for later.

Retailers like the pouch for packaged snacks too. Look at grocery store shelves and you’ll see that big names, start-ups, and private label companies are launching portable snacks in pouches. There are many options of just about any type of food, all designed for on-the-go consumption, with foods packaged in light weight, unbreakable, stand-up pouches with reclose options. The single-serve pouch offers retailers a perfect grab-and-go package available at the cash wrap at a low price point, and with no guilt, due to its small portion.

Retailers and consumers also enjoy the high impact graphics that pouches deliver. Digital printing on flexible pouches adds the bright, vibrant, and precise graphics that make the product pop on store shelves. At ePac, we partner with you to create that unique and eye-catching design you want for your snack, or food, brand. Our wide-web digital printing technology gives you the freedom of personalization for customized packaging and messaging for your brand to reach target markets.

Digital printing also offers the package to producers fast. We are the first company designed from the ground up to leverage digital technology, so we focus solely on short and medium run, quick turn-around business. At ePac, we are a one-stop shop for the creation of your pouch to hold your whole line of on-the-go snacks.