Custom Flexible Packaging for Tea

Tea is growing in popularity, and you need packaging that is functional and preserves the freshness of this popular herb. Attract customers with a premium sensory experience of vivid colors and textured films that provide a glimpse of the high-quality tea inside.

Upgrade Your Tea Brand’s Look

Differentiate your products from the competition with custom printed pouches that feature your brand in vibrant colors and high-definition graphics. Printed packaging has numerous advantages over generic bags with hand-applied labels, whether you sell your products at local tea shops, retail stores, or online.

More Space For Your Message

Custom printed flexible packaging provides ample space to showcase your brand story, including the full front, back, and side panels of stand-up pouches, and the front and back of lay-flat and pillow pouches.

Premium Packaging

Digital printing enables brands to print multiple SKUs in one run, varying the color, graphics, and design on each package. With low minimum orders and quick turnaround times, your seasonal flavors and product launches have a better chance of success with a lower investment risk.

Less Time + Labor

Hand-labeling bags with stickers is a time-consuming and tedious task. Free up your time and ensure that consumers receive consistently and beautifully packaged products every time.

Protective Measures For Your Tea Packaging

Freshly packaged tea is vulnerable to moisture and air. Resealable zippers keep contents fresh and secure, preventing accidental spillage. Additionally, high-barrier films prevent air and moisture from entering while sealing in the aroma.

Track + Trace Your Product

Cultivating sustainable tea leaves is essential to your business and your customers. With ePacConnect, you can demonstrate your dedication to crafting the perfect blend by tracing the specific package’s origin and journey to your customers’ hands. Our digital printing technology also enables you to create custom reward and loyalty programs to engage and incentivize consumers.

Take Advantage Of Our Full Product Portfolio

At ePac, we offer side gusset bags and stand-up pouches for loose leaf and tea bags, as well as rollstock for fractional packs, filter packs, and stick packs. Our standard sizes are available, or we can create custom tea packaging to fit your specifications. We also provide sustainable pouches and rollstock with recyclable, post-consumer recyclable, and compostable films.

Center Seal

V-Fold Seal

Stick Pack

Degassing Valves

Tea Packaging FAQs

What is your tea packaging made of?

Our tea packaging is made from a wide variety of films used in standard flexible packaging, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. All of our tea packaging is fully customizable to fit your needs and maintain the integrity and freshness of your product. Choose from varying finishes and features to create a tea package that serves as a sneak peak of the high quality product inside.

What makes our tea packaging different?

First impressions matter. Digital printing allows tea brands to print multiple SKUs in one run, with photo-quality graphics and premium-grade films. Coupled with low minimum orders and quick turnaround times, your product launches have a better chance of success, with a lower investment risk.

What types of packaging are best for tea?

At ePac, we offer side gusset bags and stand up pouches for tea, as well as rollstock for fractional packs, filter packs and stick packs. These are available in standard sizes, or we can create custom tea packaging to fit your specifications. We also offer sustainable pouches and rollstock with recyclable, post-consumer recyclable and compostable films.

Do you offer sustainable or recylable options for tea packaging?

We do! At ePac, we offer a variety of different sustainable packaging options, which you can learn more about here.

What is your turnaround time on tea packaging?

Our turnaround time is 5 business days for rollstock, and 15 business days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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