ePac Flexible Packaging Adds 3rd Digital Press to its Madison, Wisconsin Facility

On June 25, 2018, ePac Flexible Packaging announced the addition of a third HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press to its facility in Madison, Wisconsin. The new press is expected to be operational in July and will help the leading packaging provider keep up with increasing demand from regional and local businesses who ship their finished goods throughout the world. The digital press will help ePac Flexible Packaging create branded, visually-appealing packaging for a variety of global CPGs.

ePac began operating in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2016. In December 2017, they expanded operations to Boulder, Colorado, then began operating in Miami and Chicago in June 2018. They are currently working on two additional plants in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. ePac is the first company in North America to be entirely built on the Indigo 20000, which is a revolutionary type of digital printing technology from HP. The advanced technology makes it possible for ePac to create unprecedented product differentiation in their packaging.

In 2015, the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press won the European Digital Press Award and earned a reputation as the best packaging solution. The HP Indigo is currently the only digital color printing process that can match gravure quality. It allows flexible packaging converters to keep up with rapidly changing market demands, including customized product campaigns and shorter production runs.

Chief Operating Officer of ePac Holdings, Virag Patel, states that the reasons for adding a third HP Indigo digital printer in ePac Madison are two-fold. The first is to “keep pace with steadily increasing demand”. The second is to provide additional capacity and flexibility as ePac Flexible Packaging continues to open new locations nationwide.

While ePac Madison is currently the company’s flagship location, the industry-leading packaging provider has six additional locations, with plans to expand to 15 more sites by the year 2020. Adding printing capacity in Madison will help the rapidly growing company achieve its goal and quickly meet growing client demand. With the addition of the new HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, ePac now has the ability to enter new markets before their new plants are fully operational.


Link to article: https://www.flexpackmag.com/articles/89421-epac-expands-digital-printing-capacity-at-flagship-location