5 Ways to Get Your Product Noticed By Retailers

Are you ready to launch your new brand or product? Are you working on creating your brand’s pitch to retailers to get into store shelves? 

This can be such an exciting (and perhaps, stressful) time. But getting noticed by retailers comes down to nailing a few key things.

Ultimately, the more you can learn about the retailers you’re targeting, as well as the more you know about your brand and your targeted audience, the better. As you prepare to pitch your product, remember these top 5 must-haves to get your product into retail shelves.

1. Do your research

Research here is two-fold. Research your target audience: 

  • Who you plan to market your brand to
  • What their values are
  • What their needs are. 

Consider their favorite retail outlets to purchase your product and how much they are willing to spend on it. 

Think about what type of customized packaging will best suit their lifestyle and how they may interact with the brand. The more you can tailor your product and packaging to their needs, the better.

But secondly, and just as importantly, research the retailers you plan to pitch to. 

  • What are the store’s values, branding and messaging, and mission statement? 
  • How does your product align with their goals (and their customers’ goals)? 
  • Learn how the retailer operates and what kind of consumer predominantly shops there. 

After gathering everything, create a pitch tailored to the store. Make sure to include key points on what they want to hear, points that reflect what you uncovered in your research.

2. Have a clear ‘why’

Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start With Why.’ Photo courtesy of WIkipedia: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Sinek

As you know, there are multiple brands vying for retailers’ attention. How does yours differ from the crowd? 

Simon Sinek’s famous phrase, “…start with why…”, is the solution here.

How can you make a strong case as to why the retailer should choose your brand and product over others? Present what makes your brand unique by driving home the concepts and details behind your product differentiators. 

Your brand’s product differentiators – or positioning – should align with the interests, needs, and values of a defined target audience. 

To determine your brand’s key positioning, ask yourself how your product will differ from the competition― will it be organic, targeted to a specific demographic, friendly to free-from diets, or offer a unique and captivating brand story? Consider which void in the market your product will help to fill. 

Ultimately what you have to do is present a ‘why.’ Why this specific retailer should carry your brand, why it’s different from other brands, and why consumers will buy it. 

3. Show proof of success

Not surprisingly, retailers only want to stock products that will be successful and make them a profit. So bring any proof you have that the product will succeed in the market. 

This could be data from previous sales, sales projections for the upcoming year, and/or direct consumer feedback. 

Also, be sure to add in the research you’ve conducted on your target audience, including research on the retailer’s consumer base. 

Through the research that you have done on your target market, communicate how your products will appeal to their customers. 

The less your brand is considered a financial risk, the more likely retailers will choose it.

4. Foster social engagement

5. Choose custom, professional packaging

By now, brands of all sizes know that a great package speaks volumes for your brand. 

The first thing a retailer and customer will notice about your brand is the package. 

What does it say about who you are as a company? What does it say about the product? 

It communicates brand quality, can extend shelf life and boost consumer engagement. 

And with digital printing, you can compete with big brands, regardless of the size of your business. The technology allows you to create incredible graphics with photo-like quality. Ordering custom pouches with digitally printed flexible packaging gives you the opportunity to differentiate your brand’s image and customize through short runs. 

At ePac, our wide-web digital printing technology gives you the freedom of personalization for customized packaging and messaging for your brand to reach various markets. Plus, shorter runs mean more opportunity to create various flavors and designs. 

Ready to get started? Call us today for a free quote and let us help you take your brand from start-up to success.