Understanding Which Coffee Bag Film Structure Is Right for You

Selecting the perfect coffee bag film structure is crucial for preserving the aroma, taste, and quality of your coffee. With the coffee industry evolving rapidly, leveraging the technicalities of flexible packaging can significantly impact your product’s shelf life and consumer appeal.

METPET: The Specialty Coffee Champion

For specialty coffee brands, METPET stands out as the premier barrier choice due to its exceptionally low Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) and Water Vapor Transfer Rate (WVTR). This means your coffee stays fresher for longer, retaining its unique flavors and aromas. However, using METPET may limit your pouch design options since it isn’t transparent.

Enhancing Flavored Coffees

For flavored and dark roast coffees, using an EVOH film along with the METPET barrier is the preferred film structure. This combination prevents delamination caused by certain oils, ensuring that the intricate blends of flavors remain intact without compromise.

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The Ultimate Choice: Foil

For the ultimate preservation of coffee’s sensory qualities, foil packaging is unparalleled. It provides some of the lowest OTR and WVTR specifications, essential for extending shelf life. Moreover, it offers excellent protection against UV light, which can deteriorate coffee’s flavor and aroma.

Coffee Pouches With A Clear Window

EVOH is the best option for pouch designs with a window. This gives you the ability to provide a crystal clear view of your coffee inside the pouch. However, this comes with a slightly higher OTR and WVTR when compared to foil or METPET, ultimately shortening the shelf life.

Consult With An Experts

With so many choices available, determining the right coffee bag film structure for your brand involves navigating a complex array of materials and design choices. Our flexible packaging experts are here to guide you through this process, ensuring your coffee packaging meets both your brand’s aesthetic and functional needs. Contact us to explore how our tailored coffee packaging solutions can elevate your brand.