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We offer a wide variety of films used in standard flexible packaging. These include films that serve to extend product shelf life, are recyclable, post-consumer recycled (PCR), compostable or vegan. All of our packaging is fully customizable to fit your needs and can be produced with varying finishes such as matte, soft-touch, gloss or spot embellishment, to name a few.

extend shelf life

We offer a variety of films that help to extend the shelf life of your products. With the added ability to reseal, you can preserve your product’s freshness, reduce waste, and provide customer convenience.

moisture + oxygen barrier

Our films are designed to keep moisture and oxygen from entering or exiting the package. Maintain product consistency, avoid spoilage, and preserve product quality. 

stand out on the shelf

High-definition photo-quality graphics, paired with our variety of films, allow you to create custom packaging with an unsurpassed, attention-grabbing look. Attract new customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

types of films

print films

Print films are the packaging layer responsible for bringing your packaging design to life. Our digital printing process transfers crisp, high-definition imagery and text onto our print films. With our HP digital presses, the print layer is reverse printed on a 29-inch wide web, preventing your image quality from deteriorating over time. The combination of the print film, barrier film, and sealant film is transformed into the finished packaging product.

sealant films

Sealant films, also known as packaging laminates, protect your packaging’s image quality from fading and losing vibrancy while providing a protective layer. When applied to the print film layer, sealant film “seals” in the ink, preventing the inks from rubbing off and giving the pouch a greater degree of stiffness. Our solventless lamination process eliminates VOC emissions and creates a more eco-friendly package.

barrier films

Barrier films are essential in preserving product freshness, extending shelf life, and ensuring product enjoyment. This film layer prevents the passage of atmospheric gases, water vapor, and odor from entering or exiting the package. With high-barrier packaging, your product is protected from punctures and tears during transit and on and off the shelf. All of our barrier films are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

sustainable films

At ePac, providing our customers with sustainable solutions is a top priority. We offer a variety of sustainable film options, including recyclable, Post Consumer Recycled (PCR), and compostable. We’re continuously involved in testing, as well as research and development efforts, to bring new eco-friendly options to market. To learn more about our sustainable packaging solutions, click here.


Select from a variety of finishes to surprise and delight your customers. Whether you’re looking for a glossy look, matte-finish, metalized or soft-touch matte, choose from our different finish options to stand out from the competition and in your customer’s hands.

choosing the right film for your brand

There’s a lot that goes into selecting the right films for your product. Regardless of the type of films needed for your products, the quality remains the same across the board. Our digitally-printed structures run well on high-speed form fill and seal machines to help keep your production process running smoothly.

“We knew that the quality of the film was super important, as was the design and graphics. When choosing a supplier, we wanted to be sure that whichever company we chose could produce quality film with bold colors to represent the unique superfood ingredients.”

film faqs

What makes our films different?

ePac’s offers a wide variety of films used in standard flexible packaging, serving to extend product shelf life, are recyclable, post-consumer recycled (PCR), or compostable. All of our packaging is fully customizable to fit your needs and can be produced with varying finishes such as matte, soft-touch, gloss or spot embellishment, and more.

What are the standard film options at ePac?

We offer all standard films used in flexible packaging such as BOPP, PET, PVDC PET, Soft-touch PET, PE, METPET, METBOPP, CPP.

If you don’t need a film here that you need for your flexible packaging, please contact us.

Are your films FDA compliant for direct food contact?

Yes, our barrier films (the print layer that comes in direct contact with your product) are certified safe by the FDA for direct food contact.

Do you offer recyclable or compostable lay flat pouches?

We do! We’re very proud to offer a recyclable PE pouch that is How2Recycle approved, as well as a Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) pouch. We are also in the process of developing a compostable pouch that we hope to launch in the very near future.

What finishes does ePac offer?

Our finishes are available in traditional matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metalized.

Do you source your films from China?

We have made it a priority to partner with a vetted list of trusted suppliers. All of our packaging is produced domestically, and our films and inks are not sourced from China.