The Simple Way to Go Green Through Digital Printing

As a consumer-packaged-goods company, we know that you’re under pressure to step up your sustainability game. News headlines abound with issues concerning packaging and waste, green manufacturing, and energy conservation. Not only that, but consumers are demanding more sustainable options. That’s why we want to let you in on a little secret; there is a simple way to create more sustainable packaging, and you can start today.

The answer lies with digital printing.

Sound too simple? Here’s the thing: by simply switching to digital printing for your flexible packaging, you are making a significant shift in your environmental impact.


Our partners in digital printing, HP, illustrate this idea perfectly in the video below.

When compared with traditional (or analogue) printing, digital printing:

  • Reduces the impact on the environment
  • Saves time and materials at set up
  • Saves on materials and transport with short runs
  • Affords you the ability to print on demand
  • Saves on the waste of unsold or unused inventory (bye bye, waste)   
  • And offers a streamlined ordering process, taking the confusion (and time) out of ordering and customizing your perfect package

With digital printing, cost-efficient, short runs are possible, with print-on-demand capability, getting your package to market quickly. Due to this, you have the opportunity for on-demand customization, geographic segmentation, intelligent packaging and personalization like never before. You can also make design changes to your package quickly and easily, as you make a recipe change, add a SKU, or create seasonal packaging.

Digital printing serves your small to medium-sized company so you can overcome the pressures of increasing competition, sustainability, and keeping up with changing consumer trends. You’ll also enjoy an easy ordering process, and more money in your business, since less will be tied up in inventory. Switching to digital printing will save you from wasted resources and time. Take this step toward sustainability today.

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