The Lure of Digital Packaging: A Printing Industry Growth Area

As Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies continue to look for new ways to get to market faster and connect with consumers on a personal level, digital packaging printing offers new options. A new whitepaper, “The Lure of Digital Packaging: A Printing Industry Growth Area,” by Dr. Harvey Levenson, explores all printing methods and how digital technology will revolutionize print for packaging.

Digital printing will forever change the flexible packaging landscape. No longer does a CPG company need to utilize gravure or flexographic printing to achieve high quality, attention-grabbing packaging. At ePac, custom digital flexible packaging is created using the HP Indigo 20000, eliminating the expense of plates and inventory while delivering jobs in less than two weeks. With variable data capabilities, ePac is able to personalize every package that is printed, laminated, formed into a pouch, and shipped.

Levenson goes even further in his article by exposing print industry growth predictions, and why he thinks that digital printing will revolutionize the packaging industry, just as it has commercial printing. Check out the full article and case study of ePac written by Levenson wrote below and start thinking of new ways digital printing can help you and your business leverage the power of digitally produced flexible packaging.

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