CASE STUDY: Skratch Labs

After 5 years in business, Skratch Labs renamed its entire line of products and created entirely new packaging to make it easier for the customer to understand the product, as well as establish brand consistency. Although development took 10 months, this new product packaging offers many benefits:

  • Increased moisture barrier with enhanced zippers
  • Enhanced graphics and material
  • Single-serve packaging
  • Consistent structure of design cues and naming hierarchy
  • A brand refresh to focus on science and nature

Challenges Faced in the Redesign

Skratch Labs—a sports nutrition company based in Boulder, CO—had 35 SKUs involved in the redesign, including new products and products that were being reformulated. In the original design, the focus had been on the science of the product, highlighting the “Labs” in Skratch Labs, while only touching on the real fruit used as an ingredient. Today’s consumers are more focused on natural elements, which is why the new packaging had to reflect both science and nature. The goal of the new packaging was to make it easier for busy athletes to understand the product and be able to process the information on the packaging much quicker.

Consumer Feedback Inspired Design Attributes

Skratch Labs relied heavily on consumer feedback in the redesign. According Jeff Donaldson, VP of Marketing for Skratch: “It wasn’t only about the outside of the packaging, but about the usability and storage. Consumers wanted a more “grippy” zipper and better functionality out of the packaging, such as stand-up pouches and single-serve bars. We also wanted to make the design as refreshing and inspiring as we could. There was an opportunity to improve the appearance and functionality of our packaging, so Skratch Labs partnered with Zach Lee Designs and ePac Flexible Packaging, both local Boulder companies”.

Selecting the Right Partners

Donaldson highlights the decision to choose the right designer and packaging manufacturer in the redesign success. Added Donaldson: “The overall brand style was designed by Zach Lee, founder of Zach Lee Designs in Boulder, CO. Zach is not only a designer, but is a cyclist and lives the lifestyle of the core audience. By switching to ePac to manufacture the packaging, Skratch Labs has the ability to print digitally and use multiple textures on the design”.  The new product packaging includes several unique features that enhance the consumer experience, including:

  • Zippers that improve the moisture barrier
  • Packaging that’s easy to tear open
  • Contrasting soft-touch treatment with metallic patterns
  • Bold colors and imagery to make the flavor identifiers more visible

“We work with multiple packaging manufacturers because of the variety of SKUs, but the bulk of the packaging was manufactured by ePac, a company that offers digital printing, laminating, and pouch making. The biggest reason we selected ePac was their ability to print digitally and avoid the cost of plates on 35 SKUs, while having the ability to use multiple textures with the designs. This was a new relationship for Skratch Labs and one that resulted in expectations being exceeded.”

About ePac

ePac is built around state-of-the-art digital printing technology, focused on rapid turnaround time and short to medium run length jobs. ePac’s printing process is eco-friendly, uses no printing plates, and enables customers to print to demand, thus reducing inventory and obsolescence.

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