Sports Glove Brand Finds Surprising Benefits Switching from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

Invictus Gloves, a Montreal based company of high-quality custom football, baseball and golf gloves, gives athletes the unique opportunity to express their own unique identity while maximizing their athletic performance. The company began in July 2016 when Karl Lavallée-Rodrigue, a former Canadian university football receiver, realized the growing desire for athletes to showcase their personality on the field. Lavallée wanted to offer every athlete in the world the opportunity to show off their individual flair.

Invictus Gloves allow athletes to customize their own sports gloves with a unique 3D gloves creator so they can express their true colors and identity. Invictus Gloves is dedicated to providing athletes with a premium sports glove to help them perform at their best. Their innovative and high-quality sports gloves support football players in their pursuit of excellence.

Subbing in the Pouch

When Lavallée first began selling his gloves, he was packaging them in rigid boxes with a clear window. After a few years in business, Lavallée began to explore new football glove packaging options as part of Invictus’s rebranding effort. 

Looking for a change, but not yet thinking “outside the box,” he began to explore different box styles to keep with this original format. But as the rebranding effort started to get off the ground, he was introduced to a new idea that wound up paying off right away. 

“We were looking to redo the packaging as part of our rebranding. At the same time, ePac contacted us offering a solution with pouches. I had never thought of it before… but once I saw what the final product could be, and then the cost savings, I quickly chose ePac,” says Lavallée.

The box that the brand originally used to package the gloves was a far heavier and bigger package than the new pouch. Since moving the gloves to pouches, he says he reduced the cost of the packaging by 78%, and the cost of shipping by 11%. Not only that, but the pouches are far easier to pack than the boxes. He estimates it takes about half the time for the small team to hand pack the gloves in the pouches than in the boxes. 

The Invictus football gloves are sold in stand-up resealable pouches from ePac that offer the quality and custom design that Lavallée was looking for. And since sports gloves are traditionally sold packaged in either rigid boxes, or hanging off a paperboard back, the new flexible package format is truly disrupting the market. 

Digital Printing Changes the Game

Invictus’ stand-up pouches are matte black and feature metallic gold writing. The digitally printed pouches are helping the small company to convey their custom and luxury brand. 

“The main goal was to come up with new packaging to show the brand image, personality, and core values. As a high-end company, we focus more on the quality first…We wanted super nice-looking packaging to match the quality and value of our custom gloves. My favorite part of this has been designing the new package…We wanted to be sure that we were seen as a premium brand for sports gloves. I think we really accomplished that with the design for the pouches,” says Lavallée.

Digital pouch printing has allowed Invictus to use crisp, high-definition imagery, with top of the line print quality in order to showcase the brand’s high-class image. 

“With using pouches and digital printing, the main thing I really like is the possibility of infinite design, as well as the high-quality images. We had high-resolution football, baseball, and golf images that we wanted to use on the pouch and I was worried that the quality wouldn’t be there once they were printed on the pouch. But they came out very clear,” says Lavallée.

Looking to the Future of Their Glove Packaging 

Today, Invictus Gloves is working on expanding outside of football and into creating gloves for both baseball and golf players. But for now, one thing is for sure: switching to quality, custom pouches from ePac has helped Invictus meet its goal of a high-end, premium packaging look for their high-end, premium sports glove. 

Whether you’re seeking to do a rebrand of your packaging, or are just starting out on your packaging journey, we’d love to connect with you to help you get the quality flexible packaging solutions your brand needs.

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