For A Stand-Out Biltong or Jerky Package, Consider These 3 Things

As a CPG (consumer-packaged-goods) company, you know that a great package says a lot about your brand. Elements like the design, the materials used, the branding, and the functional features all work together to create a winning package.

And since more snackers are opting for high-protein, low-carb options like meat snacks, biltong and jerky, a stand-out package in this segment is a must. As you create the right package for your next meat snack product, whether you’re a start-up or legacy brand, there are three key things to consider.

Sharing Your Story

As you begin the package design process, keep in mind that your package should include all of the information you want to portray to your audience. This includes the basic and more obvious information like company name, logo, size of the package, flavor of the product, serving suggestion, and the nutritional label. 

But it also includes the not so basic, but just as important, product-specific information that will help consumers pick and choose which product is best for them. This includes anything that applies to dietary restrictions like gluten free, dairy free, low carb, and low fat or, things that reach out to those looking for a healthier option, like high protein, sugar free, organic, and all-natural. Any special sourcing information that you can include will help, like free range, hormone free, grass-fed, or even where the meat specifically originated from. And if you have a fun brand story, find a way to include it to further resonate with consumers. It’s best to share the most information that you can with today’s informed and conscientious shopper.

Photo of Stryve‘s vibrant, multi-color beef biltong packaging.

Biltong + Jerky Packaging Must-Haves

Packaging jerky and biltong differ from packaging other savory snacks like pretzels and chips because jerky products typically require a high barrier film lamination to ensure optimal freshness. High-barrier films help to preserve product freshness while providing a strong protective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and odor. The right film and seal aids in keeping these elements out, but the use of an oxygen absorber inside the pouch or bag is a good idea. These work to prevent the growth of fungi and microorganisms by keeping air out, maintaining an oxygen level close to zero during the entire life of the product.

When exploring closure options, consider that for larger, multiple-serving biltong or jerky bags, a resealable zipper is a great choice that allows consumers to close the bag for future use. This functionality allows for easy grab and go snacking, and also helps keep the jerky fresh in between snacking. Single-serve bags may not need a zipper, but we encourage you to explore using a tear notch to allow the package to be easily opened. For single-serve meat stick snacks packaged in other forms of flexible film (other than a pouch), using a peelable film is an easy way for consumers to open the package and remove the stick in one easy peel. 

A Peek into Your Product

Consider adding a transparent window to your jerky pouch or bag. If you scour the retail shelves looking at meat snack products, you’ll likely notice that most brands have this element in common. A clear window allows consumers to see the style of jerky inside and allows them to “eat” with their eyes first. These windows are a popular choice to showcase what’s inside, and further support your claims on the label to the good stuff inside. 

Finding a Biltong + Jerky Packaging Partner

There you have the top three considerations when creating the ideal beef jerky packaging, but here’s one more: be sure to invest in the best custom beef jerky bags available. At ePac, we have an entire team of experts with experience in making custom beef jerky packaging bags, whether rollstock, lay flat pouches, or stand up pouches. Our unique digital printing platform allows us to print high-quality film with photo quality graphics in bags of all sizes, with various closures for your project. And we excel in creating the high barrier film necessary to keep your jerky fresh. Looking for a partner that will come alongside you as you create your jerky packaging? Call us today or request a quote and learn more about how we can help.