Top 3 Ways to Exceed Expectations With Holiday Packaging

There is something magical about the holiday season, especially when it comes to seasonal flavors (hello pumpkin spice and peppermint-flavored everything), decor, and yes, even packaging. The opportunity to buy holiday packaging with seasonal colors and designs just makes that food, drink, or even pair of socks feel more special for the consumer looking to celebrate the season. 

As a brand owner, choosing to develop a limited-edition or seasonal package involves planning, determining if it makes sense for your brand, and finding a packaging partner that can make the execution possible in a timely fashion.

Sock Fancy, a subscription-based sock company, knows first-hand the success that can come with holiday packaging. Read their story here.

Whether you’re a small brand thinking of trialing a holiday flavor, or an established brand looking to attract new customers this holiday season, consider these three reasons to create limited-edition seasonal packaging. 

1. Attract New Customers With Unique Packaging

Expand your reach by creating the best holiday packaging that will attract shoppers looking to get into the holiday spirit. Holiday packaging with creative designs helps make your product stand-out on busy store shelves, which allows you to attract a broader audience and reach new demographics.  Holiday designs make your brand appear more personal and relatable: traits that consumers like in a brand. This will help you better connect with consumers, ensuring that they choose your product over the competition. Plus, if you create seasonal packaging for more than just the traditional holidays, you’ll have even more opportunities to reach even more shoppers. 

2. Increase Consumer Engagement

We live in a social media world that celebrates the interesting and the new. If your package is visually appealing, unique, and bursting with holiday joy, consumers will be more inclined to snap a photo and post it, so you can then enjoy all the benefits of free advertising. Another fun way to boost consumer engagement through holiday packaging is by including a QR code that takes consumers to a recipe, a sweepstakes, giveaway, or special holiday message. 

3. Boost Your Sales Revenue 

If you experience a dip in sales in the fall and winter months, focusing on holiday-specific, seasonal, and limited-edition packaging may be the boost you need. Consumers love all things holiday, from flavors to colors, and that includes package designs that resonate with them during the season. Keeping things fresh and interesting with a new flavor or speciality holiday packaging design may be just what your brand needs to beat the dip.

Get into the Holiday Spirit with Digital Printing

Creating holiday packaging can seem out of reach for your small brand, but when you work with a local digital packaging printer, you can do small speciality runs without committing to a large order and upfront investment. Unlike with digital print, with traditional printing, there are plates to set up for each SKU in the line-up. This can be very cost prohibitive, take a lot of time to set up, and generally requires large order quantities. 

With digital printing, there are no plates or set-up fees, and you’re ready to print fast. This technology makes it easy to create holiday and limited-edition designs since it excels in short runs, low order minimums, and a fast turnaround. And the digital printing platform allows you to print multiple SKUs in one order, so you’re free to create a holiday campaign that includes as many designs as you can imagine. 

Looking to create truly unique holiday packaging? Check out how we can help with holiday packaging solutions, and call ePac today.