Compostable Packaging

Custom Compostable Packaging

Make your packaging as environmentally-friendly as your brand’s mission, by partnering with ePac on your compostable pouches and rollstock. Today’s consumers look to your packaging to align with the rest of your sustainability efforts, so it’s important that you don’t miss the opportunity to surprise and delight them.


ePac’s compostable packaging details

At ePac, we manufacture certified compostable rollstock, stand up pouches, and lay flat pouches for brands of all sizes. Our compostable flexible packaging is:

Free from petroleum-based plastics

Align your packaging with your sustainability goals by providing your customers with packaging that is free from petroleum-based plastics.

Industrial and backyard compostable

Our compostable packaging is produced with certified industrial and backyard compostable materials.

High-performance, same great look

Don’t sacrifice quality in order to meet your sustainable packaging needs. Our compostable films not only perform as well as our conventional packaging, they look just as good.

benefits of ePac’s compostable packaging

earth-friendly alternative to conventional packaging Environmentally-friendly custom flexible packaging has never been easier. With ePac’s compostable product packaging, you can offer a sustainable packaging solution that pleases both you, and your customers.

sustainable manufacturingePac’s digital printing platform produces less waste and VOC emissions, uses less energy than conventional printing technologies, and eliminates the need for printing plates. ePac’s digital presses are carbon neutral and use compostable printing inks, so the creation of your  compostable products will simultaneously contribute to a circular economy.

reduce waste diverted to landfillsMost packaging tends to end up in landfills. With compostable packaging, you can help divert packaging from landfills by giving consumers packaging that can be naturally broken down by microorganisms in their backyard, or with the help of their local industrial composting facility.

compostable faqs

Are your compostable films FDA compliant?

Yes, all of our compostable films are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Biodegradable vs compostable, what’s the difference?

Compostable products require a certain type of environment in order to break down into non-toxic components, which is done with the help of heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms. Compostable products are great for the environment because they nourish the soil that they return to. Biodegradable items also break down naturally, but can leave harmful residue/metals behind in the process. Compostable packaging is biodegradable; however, not all biodegradable items are compostable.

Where can the packaging be composted?

Our packaging is both industrial and backyard compostable, meaning that it can either be composted at home or deposited at a local drop-off point. Since composting rules and regulations vary greatly from one area to another, we recommend looking up what is available near you.

Do your compostable films perform as well as your regular films?

Great question, and the answer is YES. Our compostable films are designed to protect your product from environmental factors, while extending shelf life, and still maintaining shelf appeal. You can rest assured that with compostable packaging, you will still be able to compete with brands using regular packaging.

What are the compostable pouch dimensions?

We can create custom-sized compostable stand up pouches and lay flat pouches. Additionally, we can provide you with our standard sized products if you’re unsure of where to begin.

What are some of the compostable pouch features?

The majority of our compostable packaging is customizable to include any of the following:

  • High vapor barriers that block moisture, oxygen, and aroma from entering or exiting the package
  • Different hang hole options
    • Round
    • Sombrero
  • Transparent or clouded windows
  • Glossy or matte finishes
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Tear notches
  • Closures including:
    • Press-to-close zippers
    • Certified Child-Resistant zippers
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Pouch bottom / gusset options including DOY Seal, K-Seal, Plow Bottom, 3 side Seal (3SS).

We strive to provide solutions for each person. For custom requests, please contact our team or by calling us at +233 59 699 3889

What other sustainable packaging does ePac offer?

In addition to our compostable films, we also manufacture custom recyclable packaging  and post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging.