Interview with Johnny Hobeika

At the 2020 Online Print Symposium in Munich, Johnny Hobeika, Managing Director of ePac Holdings Europe, was interviewed about ePac’s capabilities and goals for disrupting the flexible packaging industry, one pouch at a time. 

Hobeika discussed the uniquely quick turnaround times (10-15 days) that gave ePac a name and continues to impress customers, as compared to the typical multi-month long turnaround common for the industry. 

“ePac is mainly a new take on the flexible packaging industry. So we’re a disruptive, flexible packaging, rollstock and  pouch supplier. The way we do things is quite different from the industry. We have a delivery commitment of 10 to 15 working days which is quite new in our industry,” says Johnny Hobeika.

When questioned about how ePac compares in terms of cost, Hobeika looks at the total cost incurred by purchasers and not just the cost per unit. Hobeika commented:

“We look at the total ownership cost… per kilogram or per piece, we take the cost from the time that a purchaser actually gets a requirement from his company, the time he spends on artwork, approvals, ordering process, plate making, design, all the way up to obsolescence…Now, if you add all these things up with the product life cycle that’s becoming shorter and shorter, we believe that we are very competitive on costs.”