Crafting Excellence: Grace’s Perfect Blend’s Journey to Sustainable and Innovative Packaging 

Grace’s Perfect Blend is more than just a brand; it’s a legacy that began in 1970 with a bold vision and a secret recipe. Karl Grace, the owner of Grace’s Perfect Blend, sat down with us to share the fascinating journey behind the brand, its products, and its future plans.

The Story Behind Grace’s Perfect Blend

Pat Grace opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Dublin on the 25th of May 1970. He then grew his business with the opening of 7 more Kentucky Fried Chicken shops in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. To promote his business Pat would sponsor sports teams and leagues in this time. After Col. Sanders died, he changed the name of his business to Pat Grace’s Famous Fried Chicken as the corporation wanted to make changes to the business that Pat was not willing to do.

What is Graces Perfect Blend

Grace’s Perfect Blend are suppliers of premium fried chicken breading and flavoured blends to restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Ireland and the UK. With a long history in the industry stretching back almost 50 years they operated a chain of fast food restaurants in Ireland, specialising in Fried Chicken the Grace’s original recipe blend of twelve herbs and spices gave their chicken a unique flavour.

That famous recipe, experience and know-how is now available to restaurants and fast food via the Grace’s Perfect Blend product range. “Our team is ready to assist you and ensure that you enjoy both a premium product and premium level customer service”, adds Karl Grace. 

Products Offered and Their Message

Grace’s Perfect Blend offers a diverse range of products, including the signature strong blend, spicy blend, and gravy blend. Karl underscores their dedication to quality and authenticity, stating, “We take great pride in crafting each of our blends to perfection, ensuring that every product reflects the essence of our brand.” This commitment to excellence is evident in the taste and consistency of their offerings, setting them apart in the competitive market.

Recognition and Expansion

The journey of Grace’s Perfect Blend gained significant momentum in January 2021 when they received an overwhelming response from around the world, with inquiries pouring in about their blending services due to their Glen And Friends Cooking video going viral! 

Building on this success, they expanded into the retail market in 2021 with the introduction of new products such as gravy and hot and spicy blends.

Future Plans and New Products

Looking ahead, Karl shares his vision for the future, which includes plans to introduce new gluten-free products like the curry blend. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Grace’s Perfect Blend is poised for further growth and success.

Customers can purchase our products online through our website and we are working with our North American distributor to expand our sales there. We are already selling our products in the U.S.A. and will be selling in Canada in the coming months.

Transition to Sustainable Packaging

Before collaborating with ePac Flexible Packaging, Grace’s Perfect Blend used stand-up pouches for packaging. Karl highlights the importance of recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions, a vision that aligns perfectly with ePac’s ethos. “We did want a recyclable and sustainable packaging for PE monomaterial,” Karl remarks.

Reflecting on their experience with ePac, Karl expresses satisfaction with the seamless collaboration and the quality of materials provided. He notes, “We would have gone with ePac from the start if we had known about them.” 

With the rebranding of Grace’s Perfect Blend in 2015 came a renewed focus on packaging innovation. Karl Grace recalls the transition from traditional stand-up pouches to recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions as a pivotal moment in the brand’s evolution. “We wanted packaging that not only showcased our products but also reflected our commitment to sustainability,” Karl explains.

The decision to partner with ePac Flexible Packaging was driven by practical considerations as well as a shared commitment to sustainability. Grace’s Perfect Blend was impressed by ePac’s ability to offer lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) compared to other packaging suppliers they had worked with previously. “ePac’s flexibility in accommodating our smaller orders was a game-changer for us,” Karl explains. “Being able to order smaller quantities of packaging at a time not only reduced our inventory costs but also allowed us to better manage our resources.” This strategic partnership enabled Grace’s Perfect Blend to optimise their packaging supply chain while staying true to their sustainability goals.

At the heart of Grace’s Perfect Blend’s success lies a commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations. Karl emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and innovation to stay ahead of the curve. “We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve. Whether it’s developing new products or enhancing our packaging, we’re committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers,” Karl adds. 

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