Best Flexible Packaging Options for Clothing & Accessory Products

One of the coolest things about the rise of online shopping is that it cuts out the middleman in a big way. Platforms like Etsy and Shopify have made it easy for small vendors to get their products in the hands of people worldwide. One market segment that’s thrived online is clothes. 

There are people across the globe starting their small businesses, finally printing those hoodies and t-shirts based on their niche interests. Still others are selling pins and patches. Some are even making shoes. 

Whatever your passion is, the online shopping world has opened multiple new avenues to see dreams become a reality. In many cases, people’s lives are transformed thanks to chasing what was once impossible years ago. 

Today, if you’re looking for a hot pink sweatshirt with Calvin and Hobbes on it, chances are someone’s selling one somewhere. 

And if you’re running an actual brick-and-mortar location or are placing your clothes in someone’s store, this is when packaging matters. While there might be a shirt or pair of socks out for display, having packaging with a customized look is an easy way to pull in new prospective buyers by wowing them with your attention to detail. 

Yes, clothing packaging does matter 

For a lot of small-batch clothing companies, style and branding is everything. But just the same, how they position themselves – down to the shipping and packaging of their clothes – is equally important. The days of shipping to the customer in a nondescript tan envelope or cardboard box are long gone. 

Today’s sellers want their packaging to be branded and unique, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through flexible packaging. From all over print across the package, or just a tasteful logo in the center, whatever branding idea your company may have, just about anything can be done thanks to this versatile technology. 

ePac is here to help small business owners take their products over the top. We’ve helped companies of every shape and size, from operations in large warehouses to someone working from the kitchen table.

One of the reasons independent-clothing sellers love working with a flexible packaging company is because they can defend their brand vision while also keeping in with a realistic budget. Because modern flexible packaging vendors like ePac are digital, there are no plate fees, so if there are changes that need to be made, it’s as fast and easy as uploading a file. 

There are also low minimum orders. If you’re experimenting with new designs or considering a trial product, this is the perfect way to see how something looks or feels. 

Plus, because of quick turnaround times – an important benefit for small businesses everywhere – customers won’t have to wait weeks due to packaging shipping over from China if your business is jumping on an online trend and printing t-shirts with the newest NFT. 

Instead, you can have your packaging in a much shorter time, which keeps customers happy.

Flexible Packaging Benefits for Clothing Manufacturers 

There are also some perks people don’t think about immediately when it comes to flexible packaging.

Extend Clothing Shelf Life: No More Musty Clothing Smell

You can extend shelf life with moisture resistance and oxygen resistance due to the packaging’s natural barrier properties. That, coupled with the ability to reseal, helps when you’re offering a premium product. It’s an important selling point to buyers, because they can keep their handkerchief or hat in pristine condition zipped away in their package. 

Nonetheless, suppose you’re printing a large run of socks. In that case, good packaging for non-food items will keep your products in perfect condition, whether they’re sold tomorrow at the neighborhood boutique or in six months at a summer music festival. 

This way, there’s no musty smell from sitting in a cardboard box or that dust scent clothing can get from sitting on a shelf for too long. 

Plus, with the combination of the package’s quality and the artwork, the buyer wants to keep the packaging in the first place. This extends the brand’s life as they are constantly reminded that you sell cool stuff. Also, the bag is a quality investment. 

Easy-Open Tear Strip, for those Christmas Moments

An easy-open tear strip on the top of the package gives the buyer one of those “Christmas moments,” ripping open the package in anticipation. We’re a little biased, but we live for those moments. 

See-Through Packaging to Highlight Your Brand

It doesn’t matter what your brand is selling. The days of a shirt coming in a flimsy plastic bag are over. Think about a package that can either stand up straight or lay flat, almost looking like a brand-new record ready to hit the turntable. 

Customers can have that “ah-ha” moment with see-through packaging because changes can be made on the fly thanks to the digital process. 

Clothing Friendly, Environmentally Friendly

If you care for the earth, there are biodegradable options, as well as 100% recyclable options, which many consumers care about. 

Instead of sitting in garbage dumps for generations, modern flexible packaging manufacturers that leverage digital printing do their small part to work toward the solution of global warming.

And ultimately, this message extends to today’s up-and-coming clothing brands, because we’re all in this together. Through the use of sustainable packaging and inks and labels – everything is made not to harm the earth. 

If you’re thinking about how you can transform your brand, the sky’s the limit. Digitally printed flexible packaging helps companies of all sizes, and showcases the identity you’ve been looking for. And the options aren’t limited to things like t-shirts,caps, handkerchiefs, or other outerwear. 

Digitally packaging is great for items like: 

If you’re interested in flexible packaging for your brand, ePac can help. We believe in the power to be different, see brands do their best work, and create things they’re proud of. That’s something we’re passionate about and will always maintain. If you’re curious about sustainable packaging that will turn heads, we’d love to talk.