7 Beauty Packaging Trends to Keep Your Eye On in 2022

There’s no doubt that as a long-term response to the pandemic, consumers have placed self care at the top of the priority list. An essential part of self care for a large segment of the population is the beauty category: skin care, cosmetics, hygiene products, and so much more. 

And with the pandemic, consumers are changing the way they experience new brands for the first time. They’re discovering new products from the comfort of their own homes. Beauty brands have adapted, and are meeting consumers where they are with innovative-as-ever-packaging. 

Here are 7 beauty packaging trends that are taking over the industry.

1. Bold Colors

There’s no doubt the beauty industry is married to neutrals. They’re evergreen, They never go out of style. And they portray a sleek and smooth appearance. 

But if everyone is neutral, no one is, right? 

Some brands have done away with the status quo and are eager to fill their new lines for 2022 with bold, colorful, and fun designs. Perhaps this is aligned with the actual shades of makeup that are trending this year — from bright lipsticks and hair colors, to even-colored mascara.

Thrive Causemetics, known from their unmistakable teal, are currently TikTok’s favorite brand. Source: Allure.

2. Minimalism

While bright colors are encroaching all around us, we’re seeing brands mesh this concept with minimalism. While soft palettes coincide nicely with minimalist design and always have, brands are shaking things up this year. 

New York-based international cosmetics brand Glossier is known for their minimalist packaging and storefront. They simultaneously factor in pops on color to show their fun side. After all, one of their sub logos is a smiley face.

Notice the transparency trend coming through with their facial serums as well. Source: Seventeen Magazine

3. Flat Design

Flat design is a two dimensional design created without shading, added-in glare or highlights to make images look 3D. It’s meant to do a few things at once: 1) push simplicity, 2) remain compelling and 3) communicate information quickly. 

Cosmetic packaging for small businesses often takes advantage of this trend for these reasons. It invites flexibility from a design perspective, yet remains fun and approachable from a user perspective. 

This is another trend that bleeds even outside of the beauty industry. Think complex products that have been made easier to understand, like TurboTax. Consumers are familiar with flat design and associate it with approachable products and services. 

Source: thedieline.com

4. Packaging That Feels Like Art

Brand designers and agencies alike are continually trying to break through the CPG clutter across all industries. Capturing consumers’ attention is harder than ever in the “scroll era” and trying to make a memorable mark is near impossible. 

The fourth beauty packaging trend we’re seeing is packaging that feels more and more like art. Like an actual piece of artwork, there is symbolism, illusions, hidden elements that may allude to the founding story, activism efforts, even foreshadowing hints about where the brand is heading. 

Consumers are getting smarter. They have more agency in who they choose to buy from. Retailers and brands are responding with packaging that is no longer just packaging. They’re telling stories that reveal a great deal about their brand or company. The trend is taking unique cosmetic packaging to the next level, and if brands are smart, they’ll harness this into something extremely powerful for themselves – both on the shelves and online. 

5. Airless Packaging

While this article focuses on the external factors of unique cosmetic packaging, let’s talk about an internal factor that affects it: natural ingredients. From their pantry to their bathroom, consumers are more attentive to ingredient lists than ever before. 

Airless packaging, while sleek in appearance, really serves more of a functional purpose. Products containing vitamins or natural ingredients benefit from the preservation benefits of airless packaging offers. 

Additionally, for some airless packaging, there’s visual reassurance that little to no product is wasted. Picture those sleek little stylish tubes you often see on beauty store shelves. Consumers feel like they got a stylish little package, while being resourceful with their product and packaging choices. 

6. Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging for beauty products has become a hot trend. Its pliable material, which is durable yet lightweight, can be produced into a multitude of shapes and sizes. Flexible packaging can be filled with hard to hold products, such as liquids, powders, gels and oils. 

Airtight seals from high-quality adhesives and barrier films ensure product integrity, and makes it ideal for skincare packaging. It also provides higher filling volumes than rigid containers, allowing for more product to be allocated to a smaller space and giving consumers the ability to bend and squeeze the packaging in order to make use of every last drop.

7. Revealing Packaging

Let’s talk about a trend many brands, not only in the beauty industry, are using. Some of the best skincare packaging displays their product to intrigue consumers. The packaging gives them a figurative taste of the product, communicating transparency and confidence. Buyers feel even better about purchases, especially new products. 

Some beauty products, like foundation and concealer, almost require transparent packaging so consumers can more accurately match it to their skin tone. 

At the same time, revealing packaging sets an invisible bar for consumers. The sneak peek you give them makes them expect higher quality. Consumers have gotten smarter and are tired of being misled. Revealing packaging forces you to stick to your word.

The Bottom Line

From minimalism and works of art, to airless options and packaging that actually shows the product, beauty packaging is taking innovative, consumer-driven directions in 2022. 

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable, beautiful, flexible packaging for cosmetics and beauty products, contact us and we’ll help you decide on the best direction for your brand.