15 Best Holiday Packaging Ideas

There is something magical about the holiday season: the decor, the gathering of family and friends, and the limited edition treats. The opportunity to buy holiday packaging with seasonal colors and designs just makes it feel all that more special for the consumer looking to celebrate the season. 

Whether you’re thinking about trying out a new holiday flavor, looking to attract new customers, or just wanting to bring the holiday joy to your brand, consider the following holiday packaging ideas.

1. Choose a Color

Keep your packaging on brand and feeling holiday by choosing one main color or color palette for the holidays. Red and green is traditional for Christmas, and blue and silver for Chanukah.

Butfeel free to branch out and have fun with it. White and gold can be simple and striking, while a sweater pattern might amp up the fun and interest.

Limited edition holiday pouches from Sock Fancy

2. Try a Logo Redesign

You can make your holiday branding complete by adding a fun design to your logo. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, and preferably keeps your logo recognizable. But a small addition can add some whimsy. 

Consider adding a leaf or turning your logo orange for fall. Or perhaps a snowflake to show some winter fun. As long as it continues to fit your branding, adding some holiday spirit to your logo can add some charm and approachability to your brand. 

3. Fall into Fall

When people think of holiday packaging, it’s understandable that the mind would go straight to the big ones in winter. But it’s important not to neglect the fall holidays that can bring just as much attention to your brand. 

If you’re looking to tap into consumers in the United States and Canada, it makes sense to capitalize on Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can communicate Halloween through common Halloween creatures like witches or ghosts, or with treats like candy corn, or even just spooky lettering. 

Live Thanksgiving through iconic images like a turkey (cooked or not!) or a table full of traditional Thanksgiving sides, such as cranberry sauce.

Whether you show your brand’s love of fall through slightly spooky designs, the instantly recognizable cornucopia, or just some simple fall leaves, going fall is the way to go.

Limited edition pouch from Berres Brothers

4. Same but Different

If the idea of adding an additional, short-term flavor to your offerings makes you nervous, have no fear! Holiday packaging can easily bring the joy of the holidays to your customers, even if the product inside is the same. 

People are used to seeing their favorites in seasonally updated packaging, and many even look forward to it. Companies find that their customers even enjoy the product more if it’s in a holiday themed bag, because it’s all about connecting your brand to the good feelings that only the holidays can bring. 

5. Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Limited edition pouch from Berres Brothers

Social media is your friend, especially when you have exciting news like limited edition packaging. Get that camera clicking and get some good shots of your new package with holiday appropriate background, whether it’s leaves you’ve arranged on a nice looking wooden table, or actually bringing it out into the snow.

A good first step is to tease that you have an exciting announcement coming. This ramps up anticipation and gets your followers curious and invested in what you have to show them. You can even share several social media posts if you really want to draw it out. 

Then, proudly show off your holiday packaging with a couple of posts. The first can be an announcement where you light up the (proverbial) fireworks. Then, show your packaging in different places to really amp it up. 

It might even be a good idea to make a holiday themed hashtag for your social media profiles to really bring the fun, and so people can easily search for the new packaging.

This packaging is limited run, so make sure you make the most of it.

6. Lean Into the Snowflake Design

It makes sense that you’d want to reach as many people as possible with your product packaging, so consider making it holiday-neutral. And it’s not difficult to do! Designs including snowflakes, snowmen, autumn leaves, and other weather related things will reach a wide audience in a way that everyone can easily connect to. You can still have all the fun of the seasons without having to directly pick a holiday for your packaging.

Photo from our friends at Two Brothers Toffee

7. Choose a Beloved Holiday Flavor

Skratch Lab’s seasonal hydration drink mix

If you are a food or beverage brand, you don’t have to feel like a copycat if you choose some tried-and-true holiday flavors; they’re beloved for a reason. People get so excited when they see pumpkin spice flavoring that it just makes sense to jump on the fall train. 

There’s nothing better than a bite that reminds you of a sip of delicious hot chocolate or a bite of crisp apple. 

Make sure that the specialty flavoring is front and center in your packaging, so that it only takes a quick look for a customer to know that their favorite flavor is in stock. It might make sense to sync up your design with the flavoring, so that all anyone has to do is look at the cookies on the front to know that this is gingerbread flavored.

8. Make Sure it Fits Your Branding

Have fun with your holiday packaging, but make sure that it still fits in your general branding. If the customer can’t tell from the holiday package that this is your brand, same as your regular packaging, then you may have strayed too far from your marketing. 

Blake’s Seed Based fall design for their rice crispy treat line

Whether it’s keeping a strong logo, or similar font, or similar content on the package, it’s important to ensure that the holiday fun hasn’t stopped your packaging from being recognizable.

9. The Gift of Digital Printing

If you worry that you may be too small of a brand to afford holiday packaging, it’s a good idea to look into working with a digital printer. 

Because there are no plates, you can print multiple SKUs in a single order, and in smaller quantities as well. That way you don’t have to deal with a lot more holiday packaging than you need, especially if they’re supposed to be limited edition. Plus, if you have any last minute changes, it’s a snap to fix your design and get it printing in no time.

A label placed on a blank pouch will do the basic job of letting your customers know the flavor of your product, but it doesn’t bring the same experience. Digital printing lets you have  high-quality and high-impact graphics on every inch, so you can have 360-degree branding. Try printing a special design on the space above the tear notch or a fun message on the gusset.

With digital printing you can be sure you’re getting precise, photo-quality graphics and images every time.

10. Minimalist All the Way

One way to make a strong first impression with your holiday packaging is to keep it simple. Try choosing just one or two colors with a plain background. Making your design clear and simple makes it easier for potential customers to take in everything in a glance, which is important in an age where typically customers look at products for seconds in person, and online, even less. Simplicity can create a bold and striking look that still evokes the feeling of the season.  

11. Go for the Gusto

Another way to put your best foot forward is to go for the gusto. Being extra colorful in your design choices can be your best choice. A strong pattern, or number of patterns, on your packaging can really draw the eye to your product. Try choosing a sweater pattern for the winter holidays, or an explosion of leaves for the fall ones. 

Don’t be afraid to include some kooky characters on your packaging as well. There’s an element of fun and childhood to the holidays that you can bring out in your packaging and use to make your brand seem interesting and approachable.

12. Charity and Community

Spread the holiday spirit around by teaming up with a charity of your choice. If you’re a food or beverage brand, consider donating some of your product or a portion of your profits to a local food bank. If you make apparel, it might be nice to connect with a local shelter for people experiencing homelessness. 

It’s not only a nice thing to do, it also shows that your company is an important part of your community, and that you’re willing to support it. 

Make sure your customers are aware of it too so they can pitch in, either through purchasing your product, or getting inspired to donate to the charity. You’ll  bring the holiday joy to everyone with your holiday packaging.

13. Explore Your Sustainable Packaging Options

Ever worried about your carbon footprint or wondered what steps to take to become sustainable? Use limited edition holiday packaging as a way to test out eco-friendly packaging options and bring ‘joy to the world.’ 

If it fits your bottom line and sustainability plans, this could become your new package of choice. 

Choosing recyclable packaging will allow your customers to become part of your mission, by bringing their packages to the appropriate recycling location. 
Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) films are another environmentally friendly packaging option. These films are partially made from recycled materials, which keeps the plastic out of landfills.

PCR pouches from Coconut Whisk

And compostable packaging has become a popular and much requested item because it can break down into non-toxic components that actually nourish the soil.

With this change you can bring buzz to your product by letting your customers know about your eco-friendly packaging. 

So many people these days are choosing to shop sustainable that this could easily become a big draw. 

14. Showcase Your Story

If you haven’t already, now is the time to show off your brand’s story. Is it a family business, or did you start your company to fill a need? Let your customers know your beginnings and just how far you’ve come.

If it fits, it would be nice to tie the story into your personal experiences of the holiday you represent on your packaging. Give your customers a cozy Christmas story or tell them about the time you were spooked on Halloween. 

Add to the homey atmosphere of your holiday by giving your customers an inside look.

15. Custom Flexible Packaging: A Pouch for All Seasons

When choosing your holiday packaging, it may be time to ditch the tin or jar, and pick flexible packaging. 

Limited edition pouch from Berres Brothers

The great thing about flexible packaging material is its flexibility in various sizes and forms that work with just about any application. Flexible ranges in size from small single serve sachets to larger multi-use pouches. It’s shatter proof, flexible, and puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about slippery hands rendering the bag unusable. 

The convenience of flexible packaging is unmatched. A resealable zipper and tear notch makes your package a cinch for your customers to get, and save the rest for later. Plus, flexible packaging is so lightweight it can easily be carried around by a consumer on-the-go, while also cutting down on your transportation weight costs. 

With flexible packaging your holiday packaging will be a hit!


With all these ideas, your holiday packaging will be a smash. Including a holiday package to your line can boost your business and allow you to test out new flavors, designs, and markets. Whether it be fall or winter, say happy holidays to your consumers with limited edition holiday packaging.