Why Go Flexible: 5 Advantages of Flexible Packaging

As a brand owner, there is a lot that goes into choosing the perfect package for your product. If you’re faced with the decision on whether to go with rigid or flexible packaging, we have compiled some information that’ll make the choice clear. When you choose flexible packaging, you’ll be getting a premium package from a fast-growing segment that proves to be one of the top choices of brands around the globe. 

Before we dive in, what is flexible packaging? Flexible packaging is non-rigid packaging — for example, a bag or pouch — that is used to protect a variety of different products. Unlike a rigid package like a box or glass jar, flexible packaging is “flexible” in nature and can easily change shape.

If you’re considering a flexible package for your product,  read on for the top five advantages of flexible packaging.

1. 360° Branding

Flexible packaging allows for high-quality and high-impact graphics on every inch, so you can have 360-degree branding instead of being limited to the size of a label. And when you choose to partner with a manufacturer that specializes in digitally printed flexible packaging, you can be sure you’re getting precise, photo-quality graphics and images.

Stand up pouch from our friends at Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet

2. Endless Sizes and Shapes

The great thing about flexible packaging material is that it is available in various sizes and forms that work with just about any application. Flexible ranges in size from small single serve sachets to larger multi-use pouches and can be used in many markets, including pet food, snacks, coffee, and nutritional supplements. Plus, your packaging can be tailored to your specific needs, with spouts, reseal zippers, tear notches, and various other options for ultimate customization.

3. Extended Shelf Life

Flexible packaging works to extend the shelf life of the food inside through multiple ways. With high-barrier films and airtight seals, highly perishable products are kept safe from oxygen and moisture. Resealable bags also work to keep oxygen out, keeping food fresh for longer.

4. Consumer Convenience

Brands of all sizes, and in all markets, are ditching the glass and carton, and packaging their products in portable, unbreakable pouches. They’re lightweight, thus easy to handle, carry, and store. Plus, many pouches and bags are easy to open and stand up for easy snacking, pouring, and serving. Many of these containers come equipped with convenient reclose options to make the packaging resealable for convenience and extended product freshness. 

Consumers just prefer the convenience of flexible packaging.

Stand up pouch from our friends at Imperfekt Bites

5. Eco-Friendly Packaging

When it comes to environmental impact, rigid packaging just can’t measure up. Flexible reduces waste at every stage of its lifecycle. When transporting packaging, flexible packaging weighs considerably less than rigid packaging, which means you can ship more in each truckload, making fewer runs, using less gas and reducing CO2 emissions. Their light weight also lends a hand to source reduction, since the package uses less materials overall, thus reducing waste. 

According to the Flexible Packaging Association, “When you consider the full life cycle of packaging materials, in most cases, flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture and transport, reduces product waste, and sends less material to landfills.”

The Power of Digital Printing

While all flexible packaging offers these benefits, only digitally printed flexible packaging can offer you the best packaging in the business. Digitally printed flexible packaging produces fewer emissions and less energy consumption than traditional printing. With digital printing on flexible packaging, you can take advantage of short runs, alleviating inventory space and cost concerns. You also will have faster set-up, flexibility to make changes to the design quickly, and faster turnaround, all to get your product to market quickly.

Digital printing allows you to create high-quality, photo-resolution images each time, in packages that deliver vibrant design and with the convenience features consumers crave. Want to learn more about digital printing for your custom flexible packaging needs? Call us today, or click here to request a free quote!