Scotty’s Everyday Finds Big Success with Digital Printing

Scotty’s Everyday is a new keto and gluten-free bread mix brand out of San Diego, California. Scotty’s is all about bringing the familiar taste of bread and the joy of baking back to people with keto or gluten-free needs. The brand officially launched in late December 2020 and is sold on Amazon and their website

Beginning of a Brand

After over 30 years as a food scientist in the product development space for better-for-you brands, Scott Sturgill, Co-Founder of Scotty’s Everyday, decided the time was right to create his own product.

When asked about why he chose to launch a keto bread mix during a global pandemic, Sturgill said it came down to the right opportunity at the right time.

“We saw an opportunity,” said Sturgill. “A couple things were happening. With COVID-19 and people staying home, a new trend was emerging of people getting back in the kitchen, baking and experimenting. Baking at home really took off, and the most popular item to bake was bread.”

Sturgill explained that as the pandemic progressed, people began looking for better ways to make their own healthy food and many started to experiment with different diet lifestyles. 

“Keto has been a trend that has been growing, and certainly even during the pandemic,” said Sturgill. “But the two trends didn’t go together. We thought, ‘Is there a way to put them together?’”

A Bread Mix is Born

While it was a major challenge to create a keto friendly bread mix that was also gluten-free, easy to make that actually tasted delicious, Sturgill says he was up for the task. 

“We found there were keto bread mixes out there, but they weren’t great, and they contained either nuts or vital wheat gluten. I tried many different recipes for months and finally created a keto-friendly, zero-net-carb bread mix with the aroma and texture of fresh baked bread,” said Sturgill.

The result of his hard work is a bread mix that is easy for the user to prepare. 

Digital Printing for Baking Mix Packaging

While creating the right recipe was a challenge, finding the right printer for the flexible stand-up bread mix pouches was easy. Sturgill and his partner both had experience working with ePac and knew of the benefits of digital printing. 

“Digital printing was really important to us. As a new brand, we had to learn how to be nimble and flexible. We didn’t want to invest in a heavy inventory of printing plates that we would have to change,” said Sturgill.

With digital printing, brands no longer need plates, and are not forced into placing a massive order. As designs are updated, or recipes change, brands can change their packaging quickly and easily.  

“Digital is the way for us to remain flexible as we evolve, or we get consumer feedback. We can make changes on the fly. We love the flexibility of digital printing!” said Sturgill.

After originally ordering their first run from ePac’s Los Angeles office, the digital printer suggested they move to their Wisconsin plant since it was closer to the brand’s co-packer. This helped Scotty’s to have a faster turnaround and save money on shipping freight. 

“ePac has been great. We will continue to use digital printing as we grow and evolve,” said Sturgill. “We like the better lead times and small runs. We aren’t forced into ordering tens of thousands of packages. Plus, already we have made changes to many back-of-bags items like instructions and callouts, and it’s so easy to get that changed with ePac.” 

Baking Mix Bags

Today, Scotty’s Everyday has two SKUS: the original keto bread mix and the keto pizza crust mix. They are both sold in convenient stand up pouches from ePac. The pouches feature a matte finish for a premium look with minimalist graphics that are clean, modern, and keep the keto selling point front and center. 

The original bread mix is currently the #1 bestselling bread mix on Amazon, a standing that the company established only six weeks after launch.  The success was only possible because the brand’s delicious product is in a great package that speaks to a lot of people following a Keto, low carb, or gluten-free, lifestyle. 

“You can have the best product but if you don’t have the right package, right branding, and right message, consumers won’t put it in their cart,” said Sturgill.

Dry Food Packaging Supplies Partner

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