custom packaging for dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements have a multitude of uses and benefits. They can be used to maintain our health and well-being by aiding our bodies with the absorption of essential nutrients needed for us to function, or fuel our muscles so that we can perform at our best. 

maintain consistency + convenience + effectiveness

In order to maintain their potency, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals have specific packaging needs such as:

  • Barriers that prevent extreme temperatures, oxygen, and moisture penetration or exclusion from damaging your product.
  • Resealable, Child-Proof Zippers that protect our loved ones from accidental consumption. 
  • Single-Serve Easy Tear Packs: travel-sized sample sachets for portability and promotional use as a part of your marketing and brand awareness efforts.
  • Spill-Proof Functionality to ensure that any contents, such as powders, are unable to escape the pouch. 

variable data solutions for vitamin packaging

Fraudulent, gray market activities and parallel imports are a common occurrence for many brands. The good news is that there are measures your brand can take to protect your products from counterfeiters, your consumers from harm and your brand from the possibility of  irreparable damage to its reputation. The solution is as simple as scanning a QR code printed on your products’ flexible packaging, all of which is made possible with digital print.

track & trace

With full visibility into the product journey from inception to end-of-life, consumers have the ability to learn about how their product was sourced and brands can gain insights to strengthen their supply chains. 

product authentication

Allow consumers to scan digitally printed codes on your packaging in order to verify that the product they’ve purchased is authentic. This is a necessity if your brand is selling through distributors or third-party eCommerce platforms, so you can swiftly prevent and protect against counterfeiting.

customer loyalty 

Create fresh and interactive content to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement by sharing industry insights about holistic practices and alternative medicine, as it relates to your product or field. Develop loyalty programs from consumers and reward them for their purchases. 

supplement packaging labels and design

With many consumers well-versed in the nutrition space, it’s imperative that brands are using high-quality ingredients along with transparent messaging in the labels and certifications on their packaging. Consumers want visibility into what they are ingesting and while this takes up valuable space on your packaging, your product can still stand out on the shelf. With digitally printed high-definition graphics, mosaic and collage designs that differ for each SKU, plus features like glossy and soft-touch finishes, and spot embellishments, you’ll gain the brand recognition and loyalty you deserve.

nutritional supplements packaging fAQs

What unique features do you offer for supplement packaging?

At ePac, nutritional supplement brands can choose from a variety of different features including resealable zippers, tear notches and easy tear-packs, spill proof functionality, unique finishes, spot embellishments, and more. Coupled with our digital print capabilities, you’ll have the opportunity to gain the brand recognition and loyalty you deserve.

What are the best types of packaging for nutritional supplements?

Flexible pouches, sachets, and easy tear packs are great options for nutritional supplement brands seeking unique and convenient packaging for their products. Brands also have the ability to take advantage of digital print capabilities such as track and trace, product authentication, and customer loyalty programs.

Do you offer sustainable or eco friendly packaging options for nutritional supplements?

Yes, we offer a variety of different sustainable packaging options for nutritional supplements. Learn more about our eco-friendly packaging here.

What is your turnaround time for supplement packaging?

Our turnaround time is 5 business days for rollstock, and 15 business days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

What requirements are there for supplement packaging?

In order to maintain their potency, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals have specific packaging needs such as high-barriers to prevent extreme temperatures, oxygen, and moisture penetration or exclusion from damaging your product, resealable, child-proof zippers, single-serve easy tear packs, and spill-proof functionality to ensure that any contents, such as powders, are unable to escape the pouch. All of our packaging at ePac supports the unique needs of nutritional supplements.

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