How to Choose The Best Coffee Bags For Your Business

There’s alchemy with product packaging: many small things must work together to create a specific harmony. Regarding coffee, there’s one underlying theme: freshness matters. But so does the look of the coffee bag, too. 

There are a lot of young startup coffee companies out there, especially within the last few years, so if your passion is roasting beans to perfection and making a living doing so, you have to know how to win the game of acquiring the customer.

Consider not only what the artwork looks like but the bag’s specs matter – you’ve only got a few seconds to win a shopper over. It doesn’t matter if your bag of coffee is online, on the shelf, or at the farmer’s market, and all the little things you can do to get them to make the purchase – matter. 

The style of the coffee bag does matter

A coffee bag features a degassing valve, which allows CO2 produced during roasting to escape while preventing oxygen from entering, preserving the freshness of the coffee. 

The bag also includes a tin tie to keep it closed after opening. Zipper closures and tear notches for easy opening, as well as hang holes for store display, are additional customizable options. 

Choose a bag that promotes your brand and message, and also has features such as heat sealing to ensure freshness. Different bag styles are available, and the best options for your brand will be highlighted.

Stand Up Pouch

A standup pouch is printable on all three sides (front, back, bottom) with lots of surface area that allows for unique branding opportunities, not to mention there are multiple size options available in this style. 

Because of its versatility, the standup pouch typically includes a tear notch, a hang hole, a degassing valve, and a zipper. A standup pouch is also a budget-friendly option. This type of packaging is easy to fill and is exceptionally shelf-stable due to its natural stance. 

Flat Bottom

The flat bottom is another best-seller. This type of bag is excellent for coffee because, first off, it’s slick-looking packaging, but all the sides (front, back, each side gusset, bottom) are printable, which makes it an attractive option due to its customization options. 

Due to its large opening on top, the flat bottom bag is super easy to fill while maintaining a solid shelf presence thanks to the sustainability of the packaging type. 


This is the most common style for coffee bags, which is always good. Everyone loves a classic. 

Like the other bags, this one is printable on all sides (front, back, each side gusset, bottom) and does the work to show off the design team’s hard work to make sure your bags stand out from the pack. 

This type of packaging generally includes both degassing valves and tin-ties. And due to its flexibility, there’s a lot to love about this style because it comes in various materials and sizes.

Flat Pouch

This is the best bet if you’re looking for an option for serving samples. The entire pouch surface is printable; there’s enormous branding potential. This style can be customized to have a hang hole, zipper, or tear notch. And since they don’t have a bottom, there’s no tipping over. 

If your coffee company wants to level up your packaging game, call us. We’d love to explore what your packaging can look like in this brand-new 2023. The sky’s the limit, and the roast on your beans is only the beginning.