Industry Insights: Packaging Predictions for 2019

The packaging industry continues to evolve with consumer expectations and 2019 is likely to show change in several sectors. Among the most prominent are sustainability and customization, which appear to be growing in demand.


The push for completely recyclable packaging is immense and businesses appear to be moving away from single-use plastics. The commitment to using 100 percent recyclable packaging by 2025 has been made by several major players, including the following:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Nestle
  • Unilever
  • PepsiCo

As packaging technology continues to improve, this movement is expected to become an industry standard.

Digital Printing

Consumer expectations of customization and engagement are also on the rise, once again influenced by advancements in technology. Here digital printing appears to be making its mark, allowing companies to effectively brand packaging for targeted audiences.

The rate of change in the packaging industry is swift and brands that don’t adjust may be left behind. Embracing digital printing can provide companies with the advantages they need to stay competitive in a quickly evolving market.

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