ePac partners with Dow Chemicals and Leygatech to provide 100% recyclable packaging solutions

One of the things we’re the proudest of around here at ePac HQ is that we get to be a part of some seriously cool projects. And recently, we had the chance to collaborate with a few of the leading minds in packaging. 

What we accomplished together was incredible because it had never been done before: a new sustainable packaging component was created, and we did it in partnership with four companies. 

Recyclable Packaging for Yooji

Yooji is organic baby food in France dedicated to sustainability and holistically sourcing its ingredients. It’s in their core business ethos to be green and respectful of the earth as much as possible. 

So when it came time to develop a new package that was 100% recyclable, they came to us with a vision. 

Yooji wanted something unique and impactful for the European market, but also something moms can feel confident about supporting because Yooji is in love with doing the most for the little ones, one spoonful of pureed bananas at a time.

Photo of ePac Lyon’s prepress Operator Brian Lardy inspecting the Yooji prepress files.
Photo of ePac Lyon’s prepress Operator Brian Lardy inspecting the Yooji prepress files.

Our French production site, ePac Lyon, worked with Isaure Laguens, Yooji – Director of Product Innovation, to create a package that worked in concert with Yooji’s core values, which also aligned with ePac’s continued dedication to finding new ways to be eco-friendly.

Because the relationship was already in place, Yooji knew working with ePac that they’d automatically get a product that achieves the highest quality standards but had to reach a new level. The goal was to create something that could be 100% recyclable and look great. To do this, we were going to need critical help.

ePac partners with DOW Chemicals and Leygatech

Photo of Romaine Cazenave, Marketing Direcgor EMEA, Dow Packaging and Specialty products

Working with Jean-Matthew Brouillat, Director of R&D, Leygatech, and Romaine Cazenave, Marketing Director EMEA, DOW packaging and specialty products, new paths were created within the European market of what was possible for sustainable packaging.

Leygatech was responsible for the creation of a new barrier film structure. The immediate need was to showcase that sustainability was possible within flexible packaging. Still, many factors were needed to create a viable economic structure for recyclable products.

Leygatech is a pioneer in France with innovations with new mono material for packaging films with MDO Machine Direction Orientation; this helped give the package its barrier film, which helped solve another piece of the puzzle.

Working with DOW, they adapted polyphenylene resins, offering stiffness, orientability, and sealability. It was a true collaboration with all the brands. Romaine Cazenave at DOW hit the nail on the head of what the project worked to achieve:

  • Promotion – you can see exactly what the product is and what it offers
  • Protection – zero compromise on food safety
  • Processability – all these things work within this one material

By tackling the project together, all four brands reached a new endpoint within the packaging market – something truly recyclable and wouldn’t hurt the earth. Yoogi wanted something plastic, but eco-friendly – Leygatech was film extrusion and orientation. Finally, DOW provided high-performance resin. We made everything come together in a neat package that looks better than the competitors, but is only made of one ingredient: polyethylene.

We’re proud to have collaborated with these three brilliant companies. What we created together is only the beginning of eco-friendly packaging. The world needs us more than ever, and for every breakthrough we celebrate, the world gets a little greener every day.

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