ePac Flexible Packaging Seals the Deal With Food Manufacturers Across Texas

In 2016, ePac entered the scene with its first manufacturing facility to produce the highest market quality of digital stand up pouches and other product packaging. The company started with a strong foundation of research and innovation in the packaging of three main categories:

Pet food
Nutritional products
Food manufacturers

Grounded in Technology

The main objective of the company is to provide dynamic packaging to businesses that need it. Eye-catching coloring and precise graphics allow products to shine. The greatest advancements in digital printing technology make high definition printing possible, and ePac made this standard the core of the business from the get-go.

Focused on Growth

The company is looking to the future with plans to add another 15 plants to the current operating roster of four. With only a few years in the industry, ePac Flexible Packaging is soaring to new heights at a rapid pace. If you’re in need of fresh packaging, get in touch to join the company’s extensive list of successful clients.

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