custom printed candy pouches

Finding the perfect chocolate and sweet packaging for your product is no easy task. Not only does your packaging need to meet certain requirements to keep your chocolates, candies, gummies, and other sweet treats safe from external factors such as heat and humidity, but it also needs to provide convenience and functionality for consumers. 

packaging sweets for maximum indulgence

No matter if the products you’re packaging require single-servings or multi-use pouches, there are several features to consider when selecting a sweet packaging manufacturer to ensure maximum freshness and longevity, including:

high barriers

Prevent moisture and oxygen from entering your packaging and wreaking havoc on your delicate candies and sweets.


Offer consumers a mess-free way to protect your product from contamination and spillage, while simultaneously offering convenience, with press-to-close zippers.


Safeguard your products from tears and punctures that could lead to spillage and loss of product.

benefits of digitally printed, custom candy packages

The confection and chocolate industries are no stranger to the use of bold, vibrant colors and designs. Digital printing on flexible packaging makes it possible for your brand to achieve photo-quality graphics with high-definition colors that will catch your customers’ eyes. Digital printing also makes it possible for brands to print multiple SKUs on each run so that you can test new products and seasonal flavors at a much lower cost compared to conventional printing. ePac offers low minimum short and medium-run orders, with no use of printing plates and associated fees or setup costs, which will help you reduce excess inventory and obsolescence while maintaining cash flow. 

sweets + confection packaging faqs

What types of confections do you offer packaging for?

We manufacture stand up pouches, lay flat pouches, and rollstock for a variety of different confectionary products including candy, gummies, chocolate, hard candy, and more.

What are the best materials for confectionery packaging?

Confectionary packaging should be made up of materials that not only prevent moisture and oxygen from entering and exiting, but also protect the products inside from breakage. At ePac, we use high barrier films that are odor and moisture resistant, as well as puncture and tear resistant.

What makes our confection packaging unique?

At ePac, we develop all of our flexible packaging products with with our customers’ needs in mind. Our confectionary packaging is developed to protect your product while helping your brand stand out on the shelf. With our low minimum orders, quick turnaround time, and abiltiy to run multiple SKUs at once, ePac is the ideal partner for confection brands of all sizes.

Do you offer sustainable or recylable packaging for confection products?

We do! We offer a variety of different sustainable packaging options, which you can learn more about here.

What is your turnaround time on confectionery packaging?

Our turnaround time is 5 business days for rollstock, and 15 business days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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