Podcast Recap: Supporting Start-Ups In Times of Crisis

Wherever you look in today’s market, you find change, and at the forefront of that change you find innovators and entrepreneurs. Start-ups don’t play by the established rules – they disrupt the status quo and find new ways to serve customers with different products, different delivery methods and a different ethos. 

Packaging plays a vital role in supporting start-up brands, and with the latest production methods, ePac UK Silverstone is enabling them to interact and react much quicker and in more targeted ways. This has become even more evident during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, which was the topic of a special episode in the ‘Secret Lives of Leaders’ podcast series.

‘The Lowdown: SOS’ with Peter Evans, Senior Business Correspondent at The Sunday Times, discussed the recently launched ‘Save Our Startups’ campaign, which is petitioning the government to protect Britain’s entrepreneurial future to avoid losing a generation of start-ups and high growth businesses to COVID-19. 

Part of the show was devoted to good news with the presenter listing brands that are taking amazing initiatives during the crisis. Here ePac UK got a special shout-out for their support of Mamamade, which is sending out free baby meals to NHS parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. ePac delighted the founders of the new baby food brand by giving them a whole production run of digitally-printed pouches free of charge.

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