Pockets of Energy Balls in Resealable Bags

What if snacks were organic, tasty, low in calories, and good for you? That’s the challenge Nüttree tackled with its energy balls that bring pleasure to taste buds, without sugar or preservatives!

Nüttree’s adventure started two years ago when co-founder Leslie Hoebeke discovered her friend and athlete Tania’s delicious “homemade” snacks. This was the sign she was waiting for to launch the entrepreneurial adventure she had been thinking about for some time now. 

As a result, Leslie developed a line of plant-based snacks, a veritable taste explosion filled with natural healthy goodness.

Certified Organic and Vegan, Minimal Processed Ingredients

Nüttree energy balls use only a small number of ingredients – from 1 to 7 depending on the recipe –  and are naturally gluten-free and 99% organic.  Made in small batches, they undergo minimal processing, and have been awarded a Siga Gold Medal, a new scientific score that assesses the degree of food processing. The balls have also received the label of the French Vegan Federation,,and since they contain zero preservatives, their Minimum Durability Date (DDM) – which does not exceed 3-4 months – guarantees quality and freshness. 

Gourmet Snacks, Superfood Ingredients

Leslie supervises the manufacture of the energy balls at the Nüttree facility in Marseille, France, “…so I can control the production cycle and have the flexibility necessary to invent new recipes”. 

Nüttree has six delicious flavours: coco and coconut; fig and chia; apple and cinnamon; hazelnut and cranberry; matcha and goji; and apricot and espelette pepper. Each recipe includes plant-based proteins, fibers, antioxidants, superfoods, omega 3… a nutritional combination designed to provide an on-the-job pick-me-up or a pre-workout energy boost.

In 2021 Nüttree won the Vegetable Food Trophy in France, and several high-level athletes, such as mountain climber Salomé Romain, have praised Nüttree for its positive effects during long intensive workouts.

Healthy Snacks in Easy to Consume Sachets

Originally, Nüttree packaging was made with neutral kraft wrapping for that “natural and organic” look. But the bags were too rigid. Inserting the product was difficult, and each bag only contained three ½ oz balls. Also, each pouch needed two labels: one for the front and another for rear..

Buoyed by her initial sales success, Leslie decided to create a real brand identity with cheerful colors, and drawings of endangered animals in their natural environment. But to make the new identity work, she needed a packaging supplier that could provide high quality printing on metallic barrier film to preserve the nutritional qualities of her products. A web search put her in touch with the perfect partner: ePac Flexibles.

After some initial tests, Nüttree placed an initial 20,000 piece order of small stand-up bags with designs for six SKUs, in PET soft touch/ METPET / PE packaging, with a tear notch for opening and a resealable zip.

Commenting on her collaboration with Aurore, ePac’s local representative, “When you have somebody like Aurore, you no longer ask questions. She has always been there for me, offering me great advice every step of the way.” 

Aurore adds: “I am proud to have accompanied Leslie on her project and to have been able to offer her the packaging she needs. The visuals are innovative, impactful and creative, just like the brand. “

In terms of productivity, the new packaging represents a significant time saving for the company: the bag is ready to fill (no more labels to stick) and is more flexible, therefore easier to handle both in production and for the customer. 

A Company Committed to Preserving Flora and Fauna

Leslie added, “We wanted to include endangered species (cockatoos, chameleons, squirrels, lemurs, lynxes and turtles) on our packaging to raise awareness of their plight and to encourage their protection.“ Nüttree is a member of the organization 1% for the Planet, to which it donates 1% of its profits.

Nüttree only works with suppliers that follow agricultural and breeding practices that respect the environment and animal welfare. And if you look closely at their packaging, you can see more evidence of their commitment to the environment:

  • The logo, which states “sort your recyclables.”
  • The words: “Our bags are reclosable and reusable. Don’t throw them away. Keep them for your next order of energy balls or other snacks you’d like to  take with you wherever you go.”

Nüttree sells energy balls in bulk, along with a pocket bag, so you can re-use it after finishing the order. How clever is that?

What’s Next?

Nüttree currently distributes through organic food stores only, but they plan to introduce corporate catering for worker lunch breaks by offering three flavors in recyclable packaging

They are also preparing a range of savoury snacks for a flexitarian clientele, with significant amounts of vegetable protein and, of course, very few processed products.

Keep a close eye on Nüttree and their delicious energy balls!