No Harm Done Packages “Jerkless Jerky” in Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Film

No Harm Done creates a purely plant-based jerky that the company refers to as “jerkless jerky”. Behind the animal-free jerky is Jacob Washington, the entrepreneur and family man who teamed up with 3 strategic partners to launch the brand in 2020.

The Beginnings of a Brand

Inspired by his son Maddox’s love of animals, as well as his inquisitive questions about why they would eat certain animals and not others, (specifically their family pet, a 12-year-old Vizsla named Bentley), Washington & his family began to think more about what was on their plates. After researching the immediate and long-term effects that their daily food choices have on the planet, animal welfare, and their personal health, this led him and his family to make the switch to a fully plant-based lifestyle in 2018.

He & his son were missing jerky, a favorite snack of theirs prior to the shift to a fully plant-based diet. After trying nearly every plant-based jerky available on the market, Washington decided to make his own. 

Photograph taken by Taylor Mohr

Creating a delicious, meat-free jerky was no easy task, but after playing with various recipes, the entrepreneur developed the perfect one. Washington is a graphic designer by trade, so knew the specific look he wanted for their packaging. After finalizing the recipe and creating the design, the next step was finding the right packaging supplier that could execute his vision.

Choosing Stand Up Pouches

At first, Washington and his team were looking at launching in a jar. Since most other brands go with bags for their beef jerky packaging, he figured it would set his brand apart from the competition. But after working through this idea and exploring packaging options, the team found a better way.

“Our initial branding was for a jar. But as we worked through shelf life and other issues with food products, and the fact that the jars were not as good for the environment… this all pushed us to bags,” said Washington.

Washington says that space on the retail shelf was a deciding factor, too. Stand up and lay flat pouches just fit better on the retail shelf with all the other bags in the segment. 

Creating Premium Jerky Packaging

To make a stand-out package, the brand knew they would need top quality film and graphics. 

“I was Google searching suppliers and vendors. I called about four or five places… got samples. We had two weeks to dive in. Everything I looked at wasn’t poppin’ for me. I wanted something very top of the line. There is not a lot that can compete with us for taste or texture. But it’s hard for people to be pushed or swayed to try us unless our packaging entices them,” said Washington.

ePac was able to deliver the quality and aesthetics that proved the plant-based jerky inside is as good, or better, than meat-based jerky. The jerkless jerky is packaged in 4-ounce, stand-up resealable pouches from ePac. The soft touch matte film used to create the black pouches each features a metallic reveal (or foil knockout) to add something special. The descriptive graphics show the flavor profile and the premium ingredients used in each batch.

“The packaging is the first thing people are commenting on; they’re blown away by it. Retailers and other vendors are praising it, too. People love it,” said Washington.

Photograph taken by Taylor Mohr

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Packaging 

To satisfy the desire to deliver a product that strives to leave “no harm done,” the brand used ePac’s PCR (post-consumer recycled) film, which uses previously recycled materials to create the film, lessening the burden of using virgin plastics in packaging.

“When I came up with the brand’s name, I knew it was a lofty one, but it was one that I felt would hold me and my team accountable for the long haul. Our mission is to try our best as we grow to get closer and closer to the ideal of ‘no harm done’, bearing in mind the overall health of our consumers, the animals, and the entire planet. It was hard with food (and jerky in particular) to find fully recyclable bags that met our needs, especially ones that would jump off of the shelf and even make those looking for a traditional jerky product stop and take a look. It worked out perfectly with the PCR 30% film option from ePac. Plus the foil knockout absolutely took the design to the next level, and definitely makes our packaging stand out amongst our competitors” said Washington. 

And, with ePac’s PCR packaging, clients like No Harm Done can still achieve a premium, high-quality look and feel. It can be used with all the premium upgrades, so your package is not only better for the environment but eye-catching too.

“We didn’t even know we could do foil on PCR―it’s awesome. They [ePac] weren’t just great at nailing exactly what we wanted (which was awesome), but they helped us through the whole process. We couldn’t be happier,” said Washington. 

Photograph taken by Taylor Mohr

A Packaging Partnership

Since the company was on a tight deadline, and already had the design mock-ups and branding that it wanted before finding a partner, time and expertise was of the essence. 

“We were trying to find the right partner that could create exactly what we wanted. With ePac, we didn’t have to change or remove imagery. The bags are digitally printed with the quality graphics we were looking for, and at the perfect price point,” said Washington.

And since No Harm Done was a start-up, ePac made sure to be there as a partner to walk them through the whole process. 

“I worked with one person the whole time,” said Washington. “She walked me through everything and answered a million questions. She got back with me quickly with clear and concise answers and was so helpful pointing me in the right direction.”

Today, the brand is working on growing slowly, doing everything right by the customer, and making sure the quality is always on point. The jerky is available in two flavors on the No Harm Done website as well as at a local store in the San Diego area. No Harm Done is exploring various packaging sizes and expanding its online presence through e-tailers like Amazon. But as it grows, the company is keeping its mission in mind of creating products that cause less harm for everyone. 

To learn more about No Harm Done, head to their website

If you’re a jerky brand looking for the right packaging partner for your plant-based or beef jerky bags, ePac can help you reach your packaging goals. With fast turnaround times, the ability to print short runs, and multiple eco-friendly film options, ePac ensures that your packaging is perfect fit for your product. Call us today for a free quote. 

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