Jonathan Schmitt of ePac Lyon, Awarded “Man of the Year”

Managing Partner of ePac Lyon, Jonathan Schmitt, was awarded “Man Of The Year” by EtiQ-Pack for his contribution to the digital printing industry in France.

At the event, Jonathan Schmitt discussed ePac’s capabilities and goals for disrupting the flexible packaging industry.

Schmitt discussed the uniquely quick turnaround times (10-15 business days) that gave ePac a name and continues to impress customers, as compared to the typical multi-month long turnaround times, common in the industry.

« ePac is solely a digital printing flexible packaging company. The vision for ePac began when Carl Joachim, Virag Patel, and Jack Knott wanted to serve the small and medium-sized businesses, who couldn’t keep up with the increased minimum order quantities by traditional converters while turnaround times remained at 6-8 weeks. ePac Lyon will follow the same model and will offer fast-to-market digital printed flexible packaging, low minimum orders with no plate fees as well as having sustainable packaging solutions available. Already France picked up very quickly and is very active. Our sales team works very hard to explain the ePac model to new clients and serve them to their best ability. For us, transparency is the key ».

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