Heartfull: Redefining Luxury Snacking with a Focus on Health, Sustainability, and Innovation

Heartfull is a pioneering luxury snacking brand that dares to redefine the boundaries between health-consciousness and delightful flavors. 

Founded by Divya Malhotra-Mulloy, a pharmacist with an unwavering commitment to well-being, Heartfull emerged as a solution to the age-old dilemma: the trade-off between healthy snacks lacking in taste and indulgent treats compromising on nutrition. 

Fueled by her passion for both health and flavor, Divya embarked on a mission to create a range of snacks that could seamlessly cater to these dual cravings, giving birth to the exceptional brand known as Heartfull.

The name Heartfull captures the essence of this visionary brand—a powerful amalgamation of bringing people together through food and evoking a profound sense of warmth and love. It reflects Heartfull’s core values, centered around crafting wholesome and nourishing snacks using only the finest natural ingredients. 

Beyond a mere name, Heartfull symbolizes Divya’s aspiration to share her profound enthusiasm for healthy eating, igniting a spark of inspiration in others and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Uncompromising Quality with Premium, 100% Natural Ingredients

Heartfull takes pride in using only the finest, premium ingredients to craft their exceptional products. By carefully selecting high-quality cashews and almonds, Heartfull ensures that their snacks not only offer health benefits but also deliver a rich and satisfying flavor. 

Avoiding the use of peanuts, which can often cause allergies and are associated with lower quality, Heartfull remains dedicated to providing safe and superior snacking options.

To set themselves apart, Heartfull goes the extra mile by incorporating exquisite ingredients like real truffle sourced from a small farm in Italy. 

They also opt for natural sweeteners such as maple syrup instead of processed sugar, while their oils of choice include extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Although the process of blending these ingredients may be laborious, the remarkable taste and nutritional value that result from this meticulous effort make every step worthwhile. Heartfull exemplifies the perfect combination of health and indulgence.

Heartfull currently offers a delectable range of cashew and almond mixes, boasting three enticing flavors. These snacks are not only gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegan, but also made with natural ingredients. 

Additionally, they’re packed with dietary fiber, ensuring prolonged satiety and a fulfilling snacking experience. 

Drawing from her experience working with Gastroenterology patients during her time at the NHS, Divya recognized the positive effects of gluten-free and vegan products, inspiring her to focus on this often overlooked market segment. Heartfull’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that their snacks can be enjoyed by everyone, reaping the associated health benefits.

From Humble Beginnings to an Expanding Presence

Heartfull’s journey began in Divya’s very own kitchen. Experimenting with fresh batches of snacks, she quickly realized the need for scalability. 

Garnering valuable feedback from friends, family, and colleagues, Divya launched a website in December 2021, initially offering a modest range of products with basic packaging.

While Heartfull primarily targets the B2B market, their products can be found in recognized locations (see locations here) such as high-end hotels, private member clubs, and luxury retailers. 

Notably, Heartfull has secured orders from prestigious establishments including Tramp Private Members Club in Mayfair, Mandrake Hotel, and The Royal Lancaster Hotel. 

Expanding their reach, Heartfull has also ventured into e-commerce, allowing consumers to conveniently purchase their products through online platforms. 

Looking ahead, the brand aspires to make its mark in luxury retail stores located in central London, further amplifying its presence and captivating discerning customers.

A Remarkable Rebranding Story

In January 2023, Heartfull embarked on an exhilarating rebranding endeavor, completely transforming its packaging and introducing enticing new flavors. 

Divya, the founder, unveiled three captivating cashew and almond blends:  Maple Truffle, Masala, and Smoked Rosemary.

The aim was to create a brand that exuded the sophistication and unparalleled quality of the product, drawing inspiration from the branding strategies employed by luxury hotels, high-fashion labels, and premium alcohol brands. 

The rebranding process stands as a definitive highlight for Divya, as she witnessed her vision come to life through meticulously crafted pouches that encapsulated the essence of Heartfull’s journey.

As rebranding encompasses more than just visual identity, and includes packaging redesign. Divya channeled her creative energy and collaborated with a marketing agency to articulate her vision. 

Striving for a clean and refined aesthetic that reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence and health-consciousness, Divya sought to establish a deep connection with nature and her worldly travels. 

The result was the birth of a captivating concept known as “The Flavor Safari.” 

Each product would now be associated with a unique animal, symbolizing its distinctive character. This ingenious approach became the embodiment of Heartfull’s bold and exhilarating flavors, allowing the brand to express its essence in a truly distinctive Heartfull way. 

The Flavour Safari concept invites consumers to embark on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in the origins and spirit of each remarkable blend.

For Divya, witnessing the rebranding efforts materialize into tangible packaging, filled with passion and dedication, brought an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. It signifies a defining moment in Heartfull’s evolution, where a vision was transformed into reality, captivating consumers with its compelling flavors and captivating brand identity.

100% Recyclable Pouches for Heartfull’s Tasty Nuts

Heartfull stands at the forefront of the sustainable packaging movement, striving to minimize waste and pollution associated with traditional packaging materials. 

Their unwavering dedication to the environment is evident in their mission to create packaging that is both functional and environmentally responsible, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

In a significant step towards achieving their sustainability goals, Heartfull forged a collaborative partnership with ePac Flexible Packaging for their snack packaging, allowing Heartfull to expand their range of luxurious nut products, now elegantly presented in ePac’s 100% recyclable packaging option. 

The collaboration serves as a shining example of how businesses can join forces to make a positive impact on the environment. By harnessing their respective strengths, Heartfull and ePac offer consumers a comprehensive and sustainable packaging solution that aligns with their values.

This partnership not only underscores the significance of collaboration in addressing climate change but also emphasizes the proactive stance that businesses must adopt in the pursuit of sustainability. 

Using Connected Packaging to Guide Consumers 

To further drive Heartfull’s environmental sustainability priorities and create deeper connections with customers, the brand elected to add ePacConnect to their packaging.  ePacConnect turns packaging into a bridge between the physical product and brand itself.  

ePac adds a secure, unique QR Code to each pouch creating a digital identity used to drive an immersive consumer experience, track individual pouches through the supply chain, and even fight counterfeiting.  

Heartfull is using ePacConnect to communicate responsible recycling instructions and create quick, mobile access to the brands existing digital platform.  ePacConnect turns static packaging into a living tool for transparency and loyalty.

Scan and see their UX Design

ePacConnect is an innovative platform provided by ePac, the digital flexible packaging company, to help brands and consumers connect through their packaging. With ePacConnect, brands can create custom QR codes that can be printed on their packaging. 

Consumers can then scan these codes with their smartphones to access digital content, such as nutritional information, product details, and promotional offers. Therefore, by using ePacConnect and custom QR codes, Heartfull was able to enhance their packaging and provide a more interactive experience for their consumers, while also promoting their commitment to sustainability.

We are very happy to work with a company like Heartfull, driven by innovation, sustainability and commitment to health, and to see their growth from making their products in their home kitchen to now having successfully entered the HORECA segment across the UK, one bag at a time. 

Oh, and if you get a chance to grab one of these, take a look at the message at the bottom of their gusset ;).