Amvor takes control of its packaging with digitally printed pouches

Amvor Health & Wellbeing entered the health nutritional market with its range of vitamins and supplements four years ago when founder, Amrik Singh, decided to take matters into his own hands. Rather than relying on prescribed medications to improve his health, he wanted to find supplements that could help him take control of his life.  

“I realised that one way or another I had always wanted to help others who just wanted to live well and not get stuck with medications,” says Amrik. “But when I looked at what was out there, I found that although there’s a raft of vitamins and supplements, there just wasn’t what I required nor had the convenience I wanted.” 

Launching new products into a highly competitive market is a challenge, but Amrik and the Amvor team knew that they could offer something better in terms of quality and also deliver a more cost-effective solution. The result was a product line that comprises seven types of supplements and one testosterone booster, all made in the West Midlands, UK, with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the globe.

“I wanted the quality and performance of the vitamins and supplements to have the best chance of helping, without customers having to pay over the top prices. Similar products to what we sell are up to three times the price, while many others are just an inferior quality and dosage,” he explained.

He added, “We now have a really great range, which includes an excellent testosterone booster. Our range is suitable for anyone over 18, and we’ve formulated our products with premium quality active ingredients combined with a high performing dosage efficacy to ensure you get what’s on the label.”

Direct line to top quality packaging

When it came to specifying the packaging for Amvor Health & Wellbeing’s new line of health supplements, the team came up against a few obstacles. The family-run startup wanted the pouches to convey the high quality of the ingredients but just couldn’t find a supplier that could meet their criteria for short runs coupled with top quality print and finishing. 

After researching the market, they found that the minimum order quantities (MOQs) varied from supplier to supplier, as did the print quality. None of them fit with the Amvor business model until Amrik discovered ePac UK Silverstone during a web search and found that he could call them directly and speak to one of their packaging experts on the phone, rather than playing email tennis with a salesperson.  

“The biggest problem for us was the size of the pouches, as what we needed weren’t a standard size,” says Amrik. “However, all our issues were resolved when I had my first call with ePac. Then when I got a sample, I immediately realised that the material and the print quality were the best I had come across, plus I really liked the way things were done. That was it, we had found our packaging supplier!”

Digital printing makes life simple

Since its launch, ePac UK Silverstone has quickly made a name for itself as a packaging company with a difference. Customers come from many different markets and in many different sizes, but all have one thing in common: they want high quality, impactful supplement packaging that stands out on shelf or online, and as a result elevate their branding. They need flexibility, fast delivery and an understanding partner that can accommodate changes to design, print run and number of SKUs.

The technology that fulfils all those demands is the same for all customers, namely digital printing. ePac UK is leveraging the power of HP Indigo 20000 Digital Presses in combination with state-of-the-art pouch-making machinery to offer a multitude of options. This was exactly what Amvor Health & Wellbeing needed to get to market, and Amrik wasted no time in putting in his order for stand up pouches to be printed and converted at the Silverstone facility.

“I was already aware of the benefits of digital print, but it was how ePac explained the process and made it so simple, plus the fail safe for me to keep checking everything before the pouches were made, that really made the difference,” said Amrik.

Choosing a local partner is another major plus for a startup, not only because it makes delivery super-fast, but also because they know the market you are trading in and can advise on any of the packaging issues that you might come up against.

Solving the packaging headache with custom pouches

In total, eight SKUs were produced by ePac, all packed in state-of-the-art stand up pouches for a professional look and feel that can rival any of the big, established brands. They include Apple Cider Vinegar, Korean Ginseng, Turmeric with Black Pepper, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B Complex, Apple Cider Vinegar Complex, Zinc, and the 19 Alpha Blue Testosterone Booster. 

The material chosen for the pouches was a high-end soft-touch PET with press-to-close zippers and excellent barrier properties to keep the contents safe and dry. Amvor also required a customized size for the products, with the best print and material selection. “But,” said Amrik, “that was not a problem. ePac met all our needs and they did it without any fuss, so we knew we were onto a good thing and the result is absolutely fantastic!”

Nick Monk, managing partner at ePac UK Silverstone said, “Starting up a new business is stressful enough without the packaging turning into a major headache. We are always at the end of the phone ready to guide you through the whole process to find the format that best fits your purpose. And it doesn’t stop there: we are a true partner, and our mission is simply to help you grow with our custom-printed flexible packaging.”

Once the design has been decided, the pouches take less than 15 days to be produced, saving weeks if not months compared to traditional workflows. Amrik concluded, “Our products are ready in an instant, they look so good, and we have the correct material to ensure the safety of our products from damage and their performance quality. What more could we want?”

Are you looking to get your products into stand-up pouches with photo-quality print in bright, clear colours, but finding it difficult due to high minimum order quantities? Get in touch today to hear how we can help you.