The Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Contract Packager or Manufacturer

If you’re launching a new brand, transitioning to a new packaging format, or experiencing major growth, outsourcing part of all of your manufacturing or packaging operations has likely crossed your mind. Partnering with contract packagers and manufacturers can not only help save time, staff, and resourcing, but also provide you with the expertise and services to grow your business.

What is Contract Packaging and Contract Manufacturing?

Contract packagers are third parties that apply primary packaging to the finished, consumer-ready products, while contract manufacturers are third parties that turn ingredients and/or raw materials into finished, consumer-ready products. So, simply stated, contract manufacturers make the product, and contract packagers package the product. In this article, we will refer to these types of companies collectively as CPCMs.

What are the Advantages of Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packaging?

Companies of all size can take advantage of the following 6 benefits to using CPCM services:

1. Less Upfront Investment 

Utilizing a co-packer or co-manufacturer that has already made the upfront investment in the machinery and resources needed to fill, package, or produce your finished product means you don’t have to. For many brands, this is a no brainer, as the initial investment for the equipment + space needed is a costly one. If you are not in a position to make this investment, it may make sense to utilize a CPCM that has the machinery, materials, and staff on hand.

2. Faster Turnaround

Utilizing CPCMs who are experts in the field enables you to ensure the process is done accurately and quickly. Because of the equipment and staff on hand, CPCMs can typically turnaround your finished packaging and/or product faster than you could do in-house. This means a faster turnaround time and quicker speed to market.

3. Less Storage + Warehousing Needs 

Whether you’re partnering with a co-packer to fill your pouches, or a co-manufacturer to actually produce your product, you’ll need far less physical space to store materials or house equipment. 

4. Save Time + Resources 

Time is money, and hiring CPCMs lets you hand off time-consuming parts of your business. This in turn frees up time to allow you and your staff to focus on other aspects of the business, like marketing and growing the brand. 

5. Experts on Your Side

Hiring a CPCM allows you to tap into their experienced staff and expansive vendor network, in addition to gaining access to the extra capacity of their manufacturing facility. CPCMs have a deep understanding of specific, and sometimes niche, packaging or manufacturing processes that would otherwise have to be learned in house. Additionally, as your company grows, you will not need to hire additional staff or purchase new equipment since you already have access to the CPCM’s vast packaging infrastructure.

6. Fewer Required Certifications 

Most businesses must abide by certain regulations to legally package and distribute their products. While it is a good thing for consumers, it can be a headache for business owners. But, CPCM companies typically have the necessary certificates already in place, saving you from having to do so.

Hiring a CPCM can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a new brand. Head over to our blog post on how to hire the best contract packager, where we share a list of things to consider as you look for the right partner. 

Benefits of a Good Packaging Supplier

Finding the right packaging supplier is just as important as hiring the right CPCM. At ePac, we partner with brands like yours to manufacture the best quality packaging with our cutting-edge digital printing technology. Call us today and let us help you get started, or click here to get a free quote.