3 Benefits of Adding a Powder-Proof Zipper To Your Lawn Care Packaging

As a brand owner, you know that a great package needs to both attract shoppers and ensure the long-lasting quality of the product inside. There are so many options within the lawn and garden space that your package needs to keep up and stand out if you want consumers to buy your fertilizer, potting soil, or seeds. 

If you want to stand out on the shelf while offering the ease of use consumers crave, there’s one packaging feature you’ll need – a high-quality resealable zipper. In fact, according to a Harris Poll study, as well as the Flexible Packaging Association, being able to reseal a package is one of the top features that consumers look for and are willing to pay more for. 

Powder Proof Zippers

But for powder or granular products, like topsoil, fertilizer, bird seed, and mulch, not any resealable closure will do. To make sure that the reseal zipper always works well and keeps the package properly sealed, a powder-proof zipper is a must.

Powder-proof zippers are special zippers designed so that the powder falls out of the track and back into the bag. They work to eliminate clogs along the zipper track, thus providing easy and secure resealing. 

If you’re wondering whether you need a powder proof zipper for your packaging, consider the three following points. 

1. Easy to Use

Powder-proof zippers work for any product that is prone to getting caught in the zipper track, like fine powders (think baking mixes, spices, etc), seeds, and dirt. They keep the powder packaging easy to open and close by keeping the zipper track from getting clogged. This allows the consumer access to the product when they need it and then the option to easily close the package up for future use. The strong seal created and kept ensures that the bag is properly closed before going back to the shed or garage for storage. 

2. Spill and Mess Proof

Once opened, a powder-proof zipper allows customers to easily reseal the bag and prevent spillage. Without a zipper, consumers are forced to leave the bag left open or merely fold the top closed. This makes it easy for the product to spill if the bag falls over, making a big mess of soil, seed, or fertilizer.  But adding a powder proof zipper ensures a secure seal that won’t leak or spill during storage and transportation. Powder proof zippers ensure that your product makes it to the consumers’ garden or lawn and isn’t wasted as a mess on the floor. 

3. Preserving Your Product

If you have a product that can spoil or clump when exposed to water, then you need a secure reclosure that keeps unwanted moisture and gas out. A resealable zipper will do the job, but only if the zipper track is clear enough for it to close tightly. Only the properly functioning reseal created by the powder proof zipper helps to keep moisture out, preserving the product inside. This is especially important with lawn and garden products where the bags may be left in the garage or even outside, and may be exposed to rain, snow, or a sprinkler system.

Finding the Right Powder Proof Packaging Partner

Across all markets, including garden and lawn care, resealable packaging for powders helps consumers easily open and close the package, keep moisture out, and prevent spills. And with powder-proof zippers, consumers can easily reseal the bag without clogs of powdery and granular products ending up in the zipper track of the powder packet packaging. 

As you develop your packaging for your lawn and garden product, consider partnering with a packaging company that understands the importance of great custom flexible packaging and that can provide you with resealable packaging for powders that keeps your product working well and looking good, from the shelf to the garden.