Pre-Press Information

Prepress Checklist

File Submission Requirements:
1. High resolution PDF (images and fonts not embedded)
– Files must be layered
– Each SKU must be provided separately
2. ALL native files
3. Die line (if available)
4. Bar codes
5. Printed Color Targets
6. Other instructions
*Packaged files are preferred*
7. ePac cannot be held accountable for customer set overprints or artwork left on non-printing layers.


File Submission:
1. Attach PDF/native files/PO and email to your respective Sales Support Specialist.
2. Files can also be sent via wetransfer, uploaded to a dropbox or sent through Google Drive.
3. Non-laminated Press Proofs are available upon request and are $150 for 5 SKUs.
**Standard leads times for roll stock items are to ship
10 business days and finished pouches are to ship
15 business days after art approval and a P.O. has been received.
These are subject to change based on availability**


File Prep Requirements:
1. All artwork should be in CMYK (no RGB). Files that are provided in RGB will not be accepted.
2. Artwork should include bleed (0.125”)
3. Clear areas need to be clearly defined and include a white separation
4. Text must be outlined or fonts included with the file submission
5. ePac will add standard eye marks if they are not included
6. All files must be layered with artwork on correct layers.
7. If bar codes are NOT included, the info for the bar code MUST be provided (type of bar code, information embedded in the bar code)
8. All Pantone colors should be kept as spot colors**
9. Any file that has a custom spot color specified MUST be accompanied with a printed sample or color target. If it is not, it will be converted to CMYK and will print as is.
**It is ePac’s discretion to change or alter colors based on the probability of achieving them on press. Customers will be notified of this and may accrue charges based on proofing/color matching times.**


All files will be reviewed by a Prepress Coordinator before submitting to press. Changes/adjustments may be made to ensure print-ability and color accuracy. Files that are submitted that are not print ready are liable for prepress charges.

Any changes/adjustments made by ePac are charged at a rate of $150 per hour.
Any art charge reduction or waive must be approved by the Director of Operations.


Art Charges

Artwork Charges include but are not limited to:
• Updating artwork to fit in to a different die line size
• Changes/adjustments to the artwork that take prepress longer than 30 minutes
• Customer provided updated files more than three times (rev 3)
• VDP database creation
• White separation that takes longer than 30 minutes to create
• Placing artwork in to ePac’s die line that takes prepress longer than 30 minutes to complete
• Image enhancing/color correction
• ePac charges $150 per hour for artwork changes
• Press proofs: ePac charges $150 for the first set of 5 SKUs. It is an additional $150 for the next 5-10 SKUs. Ex: Customer orders 8 SKUs, they would be billed $300. If customer orders 15 SKUs, they would be billed $450
• In person press approvals are billable at $1000 per hour

*Please note there are situations where customer may receive artwork charges that are not listed above. Prepress/Sales Support will
communicate any of these situations prior to ePac completing the changes*