Paper-Look Pouches Give Qhali Kay Organics a Natural Look and Feel

Qhali Kay Organics is the Peruvian superfood company founded and operated by business partners Sven Jacobsen Diaz and Alvaro Lopez. The brand launched in August 2018 with a vision to benefit people’s health, life, and overall happiness. The company is headquartered in Lehi, Utah with operations in Peru, the U.S., and in Europe.  

The Qhali Kay Organics brand strives to create foods that are good for the body and the world. With each purchase made, the brand provides grants for orphans who are graduating from the Sunflower Children’s Home in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru.

Organic Food Packaging Partnership with ePac

The brand originally launched in clear stock pouches with an adhered label, but soon they decided it was time to take the branding and packaging to the next level.

“We were very much in the start-up phase as a young brand with limited resources. Originally, we had a simple package. Over the span of last year, we were granted more funding. So, we relaunched the brand with an emphasis on color and with the famous scenery of Peru,” said Co-Founder Alvaro Lopez.

Qhali Kay Organics had to find the right packaging partner that would help them achieve their packaging goals and grow the brand. Co-Founder Sven Jacobsen Diaz said they found ePac after looking online for a digital printer.

“We knew about digital printing… and we knew it was going to be the way to go since we could print small quantities inexpensively and fast. We did our research and found ePac. They are very innovative, and they help small businesses out by being cost-effective,” said Diaz.

Compared to other printers, ePac provides solutions specifically tailored to small, start-up brands. 

“ePac’s low print quantity minimum was a ‘no-brainer’ for us compared with other printers. We are very satisfied with how the packaging turned out,” said Diaz.  

ePac and Qhali Kay Organics were able to come together and make not just great packaging, but a partnership.

“The most important solution ePac resolved is velocity in printing. It allows us to meet demands along the unknown challenges in the supply chain. Also, the salesperson we work with is efficient and quick, and very transparent, especially when we asked about pricing. We are enjoying the extremely high quality of the pouches,” said Lopez.  

Organic Superfoods Packaging Updates

The new custom printed stand-up, resealable pouches feature updated branding and graphics that aim to show off the Peruvian landscape from which the superfoods originate. The new packaging is more aligned with their brand―a superfoods company that cares about quality. 

“We’re producing great, quality products but more importantly we want to sell a lifestyle… and in the e-commerce space. Because of this we have to have great packaging and a great product to offer a great consumer experience. And we can achieve these targets with the new bags,” said Lopez.

Plus, the new pouches were created to appear as if they’re made from paper, but are still made from the flexible plastic materials. That way the pouches can have a natural look, while offering the barrier protection needed to keep the organic product inside fresh.  

“We made the investment in the packaging to gain more consumer traffic, and we wanted to optimize the imagery of the brand to be more profitable,” said Lopez.

The updated packaging from ePac launches next month. The company produces nine SKUs of superfoods including its three core ones: Maca, Cacao, and Lucuma. As the company focuses on relaunching the brand in updated quality pouches, it is exploring new superfood blends with acai and quinoa, in addition to its core products. 

The company is also working on expanding into the European market with its rich-in-nutrients superfoods that strives to balance overall health. The products are currently sold in the U.S. e-commerce marketplace, on Amazon, and directly at the Qhali Kay website.

“In terms of the future, retail is going more and more digital, therefore people and consumers have less and less touchpoints before they receive your product,” said Lopez. “You have to think about the first experience they will have with your product physically. Before that it should display clear communication via online content― having a good package makes it easier to portray the message of what your brand represents.”

Finding an All-Natural Product Packaging Partner

Are you looking for unique and quality natural food packaging for your start-up brand? Are you looking for custom flexible packaging with better branding and brighter colors, all with excellent barrier protection? Call us today for a free quote to learn how quality, custom pouches for organic food brands can set you apart.