The Solution to Food Waste

One of the most concerning impacts on the environment is food waste and the scarce resources wasted in its production. 

7.6 Million tonnes of food is wasted each year in Australia.

25 Million hectares of land are wasted.

2628.3 Gigalitres of water is wasted in its production, which is an average of 286 litres of water, per person, per day!

And when food is lost or wasted, the resources used to develop that food are gone.

When you prevent food waste, you also save money.

Food waste costs the Australian economy $36.6 Billion, or the equivalent of $2,500 per Australian household each year. 

Flexible packaging can deliver the transformative change needed to leave food in the system for people who need it & assist financially in turbulent financial times.

Dramatically extending the shelf life of food that our Australian farmers work tirelessly to create for us.