The Circular Economy

“Imagine a world where the landfills of today are our mines of tomorrow.” 

The circular economy is all about not creating any new plastics, but using what we already have. Prioritizing upstream solutions that eliminates unnecessary packaging from ever being created. It is the key to sustainability.

When you partner with ePac as your packaging provider, you have already taken steps to grow the circular economy and deliver on your company’s sustainability goals.

ePac was designed on the principle of “upstream thinking’’. Embedding climate considerations throughout our value chain to reduce what is called Scope 3 emissions. Which are indirect greenhouse gas emissions that are generated from the wider economy. 

Every aspect of ePac’s business model was considered in this light before launching to market. Delivering the most technologically advanced, carbon neutral platform in the industry. 

And, we encourage our customers to think the same way within their business and when considering their packaging needs. 

From sourcing raw materials, to onshore manufacturing, to delivering your physical product to your customers……… upstream thinking encourages you to prevent unnecessary waste from ever being created and to utilize existing waste as a resource.