4 Reasons Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging Is Better Than Traditional Packaging

Digitally printed flexible packaging is not only a better option for brands, but soon it will become the only logical option, just like having a website for your business is now table steaks.

Why is this important for CPG brands, large and small?

Industries are always evolving. It was only a matter of time before the digital revolution caught up to outdated processes in packaging as well. 

Older processes require creating printing plates first, which take time and cost money. Or forcing brands to order a minimum quantity of 50,000 bags. Or worse yet, having to wait six weeks for an order. Ouch!

But flexible packaging is an industry that’s moving with innovation and celebrating it, rather than sticking to “what works.” 

Because of this dedication to technology, smaller brands can execute their vision of what packaging looks like with few restraints while keeping things cost-effective. 

The details

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, there’s always room for another small business to strike out on its own, and flexible packaging is an industry that supports those dreams. 

Digital printing allows the smaller players to go head-to-head against the big names because their products can stand out in the crowd with bold, professional designs. 

1. Digital is more streamlined and takes less time

The traditional packaging players stick to their tried-and-true systems. They’re already in the market, so why change? 

Unfortunately, instead of being able to make a change in minutes, a new design or scheme will take weeks. 

With digital printing, the process is simple – no elaborate set-up, no plates, and costly redos. All a brand needs is the digital file, and that’s it. The process takes days instead of weeks.

Look, we get it. Every packaging design has multiple approvals. There will always be changes. 

But design tweaking is a more straightforward process with digital printing. Because of the fast turnaround time, this allows for customization, along with experimentation. 

If a brand can experiment with colors and images, it can see what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t. 

Those traditional plates take time to set up, while a talented artist can change a digital file with a few expert clicks. Taglines or photos can be altered or swapped out, enhancing brand recognition.

2. Short runs? Yes please!

One of the most convenient parts of the digital packaging printing process is that it facilitates short and medium runs, which ensures no excess production, leading to streamlined inventory management. 

There are no set-up costs, so those fast processes keep things moving and on a budget. 

3. A pouch for every season 

By being digital, companies can experiment with packaging that speaks to festivities and seasonal occasions. 

Everyone loves themed packaging or spooky new flavors when it’s Christmas or Halloween. 

With digital printing, those one-off ideas can happen with little overhead – or long-lead time – because it’s a sleek process that’s flexible for shorter runs and small batches – each tailored with purpose. 

Plus, when you’re ordering to demand, there’s less waste, which is good for the environment, and if you know anything about ePac, we’re committed to being green.

4. Bye bye expensive errors!

And one of the biggest pluses of the process is that there’s less room for human error by going digital. Not only is the turnaround time faster, but also there’s less chance for those plates to be screwed up, and instead, thanks to technology, everything runs with the click of a button.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to take your packaging to the next level, we’d love to talk. ePac Flexibles has worked with some of the coolest, more innovative companies in the market, and we’d love to meet you next.