Understanding ePac’s Minimum Order Requirements

This article explains our minimum order requirements and some insight into why they exist.

Minimum order quantity, or MOQ, refers to the lowest number of individual pouches (or impressions for roll stock). Minimum order value refers to the lowest dollar amount for an order. 

Finished Pouches

Finished pouches are printed, laminated, and converted into individual bags to be filled by the customer or their co packer.

Our minimum quantity for pouches is 2000-3000 depending on their size..  There is also a minimum order value of $1,500. This is advantageous because it allows brands to order a larger quantity at a reduced per unit price. 


Rollstock is a printed and laminated roll of film, which then is shipped to the customer or co packer for forming and filling. An order of rollstock from ePac comes with a minimum order value of $1,500. The number of impressions printed on a minimum order varies greatly due to the size of the finished pouch and the material of choice.

Per SKU Minimums

One of the benefits in choosing ePac as your flexible packaging provider is the ability to batch your different SKUs into a single order. This can be flavor varieties of a product, or even different brands with the same size, materials, and features.  A SKU order quantity can be as low as 500. For example, if you were running 5 SKUs together, the order size would need to be at least 2500 pouches. 

For roll stock, the MOQ per SKU will depend on the total quantity ordered and the number of SKUs to achieve the minimum invoice value. Generally, the MOQ per SKU tends to be 1000+ due to the nature of having enough material on a roll / waste factor when setting up and packing on a horizontal flow wrap or vertical form filling machine.