Packaging Plantain Chips for Added Brand Freshness, and Extra Consumer Crunch

Across the tropics of South and Central America, Africa, and Asia there’s a common crunch that connects cultures – plantain chips! Made from fried or baked thin slices of plantain, this beloved treat has, in recent times, made a name for itself in parts of Europe and North America. 

Plantains belong to the banana family and over one hundred different varieties grow in the African rainforests. West Africa is one of the major plantain-producing regions of the world, with Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea forming part of the key plantain-producing countries in the region.

Plantain chips are also called chicharritas, chifles and mariquitas, amongst other names, and can be made from both ripe and unripe plantains. Green, unripe plantains produce chips with a taste reminiscent of potato chips. When ripe yellow plantains are used, the chips produced taste sweet. Although usually just sprinkled with a little salt, plantain chips also come in a variety of flavours from hot and spicy, to tangy and even meaty.

Conventionally, plantain chips have been sold in all sorts of packs and containers on streets, in neighbourhood shops, and in major supermarkets. However, expanding markets and increasing competitiveness have pushed West African, and other makers of the snack to spice up their game. 

Packaging Solutions for Plantain Chips

Today’s world of curious tastes presents so many opportunities for plantain chips manufacturers to treat their customers to innovative flavours. And for those who want a bite of this flavoursome business, this is your golden opportunity! One thing that will make a difference, either way, is packaging that sets your product apart. 

Custom Snack Packaging

‘Awesome’ always gets attention, so that’s exactly what your packaging needs to be. In addition to capturing consumer attention, packaging can also help retain customer loyalty, while uniquely distinguishing your brand from the competition. Custom printed packaging is definitely worth considering for your plantain chips business, and ePac can deliver on that.

Bright and Beautiful

ePac’s digital printing gives your packaging an extra crisp look (pun intended). So don’t hold back on bold, bright colours if that’s your thing. High-definition graphics with photo-like quality does wonders for life-like graphics, imaginative designs, bold lettering, or whatever type of artwork you choose as the face of your brand. It’s all possible with our top-notch printing solutions. 

With digital printing, you also have the option to highlight specific aspects of your package with finishings like metallic, gloss, matte, soft touch, or any combination of these.

Functional is always cool

Resealable zippers are a fantastic way to maximize the freshness of your plantain chips, whether you opt for a stand-up pouch, or multi-serving bag. Who doesn’t love resealable closures and zippers? These go a long way to make the package portable and prevent spoilage. They also help to set your brand apart, especially within the plantain chips segment.

Whether you’re just getting into the kitchen with your plantain chips brand, or you want to give your existing business some exciting freshness, consider these flexible packaging solutions and features to help set your brand apart from the competition. 

Plantain Chips Packaging Partner

At ePac, we offer an exciting range of packaging for plantain chips that’s bound to get your brand noticed. With stand-up pouches, lay flat pouches, and rollstock, you can be sure that we’ve got your packaging needs in the bag.

Low minimum orders and a fast turnaround so that you can get to market quickly, and affordably are added advantages of ePac’s digital printing. Get in touch today for a free quote, and begin your journey to expert flexible packaging solutions – the perfect accompaniment to plantain chips!