MUz’OH Turns to ePac for High Quality Pet Food Packaging

Did you know that the most suitable food for our pets is raw meat? Packaged in pellets in pretty pastel coloured resealable pouches, it has a place in our freezers and in the diet of our four-legged friends!

Claudia, Audrey and Mathieu launched the MUz’OH adventure a year ago. Their project started with the observation that it was difficult to find raw food for dogs and cats that had not been damaged by dehydration or cooking. Claudia, like many breeders, had seen the impact of this change in diet on one of her felines, who was in poor health. 

After a solid study of this niche market, the three partners created Aumadia, a company based in the Val d’Oise region of France, and launched their company that processed and sold frozen raw food for pets, as well as natural food supplements.

Recipes Formulated By Veterinary Nutritionists

The MUz’OH’s range is inspired by BARF (no pun intended) – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food – which is very similar to the diet of free-range animals. 

The recipes – 3 for dogs and 3 for cats – have been developed by veterinary nutritionists to perfectly meet their dietary needs. They contain only fresh, natural and quality ingredients, without any additives: +70% raw lamb, veal or beef 20 to 25% vegetables: fresh carrots and spinach food supplements such as beer yeast and pure seaweed. 

The MUz’OH team explained: “We wanted to offer premium quality products that are easy to use and portionable to avoid having to defrost quantities of food greater than the daily needs of each animal. We make the MUz’OH pellets in-house in our approved laboratory kitchen, before packing them in resealable stand up pouches to ensure that the cold chain is respected at all stages. “

Digitally Printed Pouches by ePac that Do Not Go Unnoticed…

Claudia and Mathieu had in mind a very precise specification for their pouches. 

They had to : 

  • Allow food contact
  • Withstand freezing
  • Be resealable and pleasant to the touch.
  • Be easily recognizable in the store
  • Look appealing

When looking for flexible packaging suppliers, ePac was a recommendation. After the first exchange the Muz’OH team realized that ePac is a company specialising in digital printing with short lead times timeframes. 

Mathieu adds: “Etienne was very attentive to our needs. First, he sent us samples so that we could see the size and capacity of the pouches. He recommended that we use recyclable PE/PE mono-material. As for the color rendering, it is perfect for our 6 references! A great production at a reasonable price with a lot of flexibility from ePac during the whole process!”

A Successful Product Launch 

The marketing via the e-commerce site started last September. The MUz’OH team comments on these first four months: “Pets seem to appreciate the recipes and the owners, the packaging. Sales are taking off little by little, with regular customers. A demand has already been identified for 200g and 1kg bags, in addition to the existing 500g bags. New orders to come for ePac!”. 

The MUz’OH team is already anticipating the development of the business: negotiations are underway with pet shops, independent distributors, groomers, breeders or pet boarding houses to complete the direct sales via their online shop or shopping platforms.

And why not one day with more pet shops and a larger production capacity? That’s what we hope for!