Holiday Mosaic Packaging

captivate your consumers this holiday season with one of a kind, mosaic patterned packaging

Set your brand apart this holiday season with packaging as unique as your brand. With HP SmartStream Mosaic printing technology, you have the power to create unique designs on each and every package.

how it works

The HP Mosaic software picks up varying sections of colors, patterns and designs by rotating, zooming and transposing the seed file or pattern, and creates new and unique designs on each package. Whether your packaging is for a seasonal audience, limited-edition run, or new product trial, the Mosaic technology will ensure that your brand stands out, and help your products fly off the shelves.

When you partner with ePac, we can use the HP Mosaic software to bring your holiday packaging design to life. 

mosaic is ideal for:

holiday + seasonal packaging

new flavors or SKUs

limited-edition products

special events

quickly launching promotions

benefits of limited-edition holiday packaging

  • Boost your sales revenue during a potentially slow season
  • Attract new customers with your unique packaging
  • Strengthen customer loyalty 
  • Increase consumer engagement

why epac?

Orders ship in 10-15 business days *

Low minimum orders

Order to demand

No plate fees

*Upon artwork approval