Gusseted Bags: What Are They & Are They Right For Your CPG Brand?

We’ve talked about this a lot, but packaging matters. Not just how something looks but also how it functions in real-time. While using a brown bag with a label affixed is how some brands sell their fire-roasted peanuts, this option doesn’t work for everyone. There’s flat packaging but also bottom gusset packaging, along with side gusset packaging, too. How your product maintains freshness for the contents inside is a significant factor for long-term shelf stability. Chances are if you’ve been in a big box store, you’ve seen tons of gusseted bags serving various industries, from the cleaning aisle to natural foods. 

So, let’s go over what’s excellent about gusseted bags, why they’re the ideal packaging, and if gusseted is the choice for you. 

Gusseted Bags can work for industry 

Pretty much wherever you look in a grocery store, the bags are gusseted. They’re the standard for many brands because they can stand and expand when filled with your product. They occupy less space and can easily carry from one place to another. This makes them popular for restaurants, farmer’s markets, or local bakeries. 

These two factors give people reasons to love this bag type, but they’re flexible, too. Because they can be stored in kitchen cabinets without the buyer constantly looking at the clock, wondering if the goods inside are still good, gusseted bags are the standard choice.

Since they’re lightweight and the weight of their contents is evenly distributed, gusseted poly bags are easy to carry and move. What are some of the benefits of gusseted bags for your business? 

They’re effective for food packaging 

Because they can expand according to whatever’s packed inside, gusseted poly bags offer a solution for businesses with bulky products like candy or nuts. 

Gusseted bags are perfect for plenty of foods like: 

They’re an artist’s dream 

One of the things creative directors and graphic designers love about gusseted bags is their printing surface; there’s a lot of room to print big, bold graphics on the bags. (We’ve seen some companies take swings on making ensuring their brand stands out on the shelf from the competition.) And when you’re a digital printer like ePac is, we can help companies experiment with the look and feel they’ve dreamed about. 

Gusseted bags can handle more than just food 

You could even pack nuts and bolts into a gusseted bag; the same goes for art supplies or nails. Some grain and feed companies use them, too, and a gusseted bag is a reliable solution for loose items. Gusseted poly bags are cost-effective, can accommodate large sizes, and are strong.  

Suppose you’re considering using a gusseted bag for your business. In that case, we’d love to connect and show you some of the fantastic packaging we’ve collaborated on with companies doing some exciting things, from sourcing and roasting their coffee beans to someone trying to capture the magic of his grandma’s trail mix. We’d love to hear your story and how we can help your brand move into new frontiers.