Doisy & Dam Transfers Chocolate Packaging to Digital Print

Few would argue with Doisy & Dam’s mantra that chocolate makes everything better, and as all the company’s products are made from natural, ethically sourced cocoa and contain no palm oil, you can indulge your chocolate cravings without feeling guilty. 

The successful start-up was founded 2012 by childhood friends and young entrepreneurs Edward Smith and Richard Wilkinson, who wanted to offer a healthier and more ethical alternative for chocolate lovers. After a lot of experimentation in their own kitchen, they came up with a range of chocolate bars and started production. They named the company after the scientists who won the Nobel Prize in 1943 for the discovery of vitamin K – Henrik Dam and Edward Doisy – and initially sold their bars through small independent shops across London. 

Early feedback from customers shaped product development, while family and friends gave a helping hand and supported the business financially. A hugely successful 2016 crowdfunding campaign – set up to further fund expansion plans – saw Ed and Rich raise just shy of £300,000 in 28 hours, and they haven’t stopped since.

Chocolate with a conscience

Today, Doisy & Dam’s delicious superfood chocolate goodies can be found in Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Boots and Whole Foods, along with online retailers Amazon and Ocado. The product packaging stands out with its fresh and vibrant colours, the result of a recent rebrand and new partnership with ePac UK. All the company’s stand-up pouches, pillow packs and flow wraps are now printed at ePac’s digital print and converting competence centre at Silverstone.

The confectionery segment, which includes chocolate, has developed a conscience over the past few years. Consumers want to lead healthier lives, so they choose to eat better quality food and treats. They also want certainty that those products have been made without exploiting workers or causing damage to the environment. 

Doisy & Dam’s strong ethics naturally appeal to this market. As the 128th company in the UK to achieve Benefit Corporation (B Corp) certification, it has proved its commitment to the environment, social responsibility and good business practices. 

Having a social conscience also means choosing to work with a transparent and sustainable supply chain. At the heart of this supply chain is Luker Chocolate in Colombia, which supports and trains local farmers, while also delivering the highest quality cocoa. The cocoa itself has been classified as having a “Fino de Aroma” (fine flavour) by the International Cocoa Organisation – a status only awarded to some 8% of the world’s cocoa yield.

Changing to a full-service, local packaging supplier

Earlier this year, Doisy & Dam went through a rebrand which saw a number of new products launched and existing packaging redesigned. To ease this transition, the company wanted to find a packaging solution that could give them complete design freedom, fastest time to market and no waste. They wanted to find a different way to get their products on shelf and they wanted to find a local supplier. 

Enter ePac UK Silverstone with their flexible packaging expertise and deep knowledge of supporting smaller brands in getting to market using digital print and state-of-the-art converting technology. As a local, full-service provider, ePac could support Doisy & Dam with high-quality pouches and roll stock on-demand, with fast delivery and lowest minimum orders. ePac’s digital printing platform is also inherently sustainable, using less energy, producing less waste and having a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printing technology. 

“We started working with ePac UK, because digital printing seemed to be the best solution for us. A new product launch can be quite scary for smaller businesses like ours and we wanted to find a supplier that understood our ethos,” says Procurement and Operations Manager Pauline Morel. “We really appreciate the transparent and cooperative relationship we have managed to build quickly with ePac. Their values echo well with ours and we really value their carbon neutral position.”

Enjoying full flexibility with digital printing 

Packaging on demand, in just the amount needed at the time, hugely benefits small and medium sized companies. Not only does it give them the agility to react quickly, so new sales opportunities can be captured as they arise, it also means inventory can be managed more effectively so vast sums of money are not tied up in stock. 

With many product lines and now also seasonal products, it was clear that digital printing could help Doisy & Dam achieve much greater control of packaging procurement and supply. Importantly, it would also eliminate unnecessary packaging waste. Pauline states, “One of the biggest advantages of digital is that we don’t need to order significant volumes simply to meet an MOQ. This also gives us the opportunity to manage our cashflow more efficiently.”

New packaging designs can take months to bring to market and getting the branding right is of course vital. However, with no plates needed to print and full design flexibility, this whole process can be shortened and cost a lot less. “Digital print gives us the flexibility to make modifications to our packaging artwork easily, which is always needed when you launch a new product,” says Pauline.

Doisy & Dam’s Marketing Manager Alexa Smith adds, “It was a bit nerve-wracking for us, as the new design was such a departure from our old brand look and feel, but the reaction has been so positive. And to be able to have printed packaging that has such vibrancy and precision is the icing on the cake. We know that we couldn’t get the same quality without digital printing.”

Moving to digital also gave Doisy & Dam easy access to launching seasonal product lines. “We have just had a really successful first foray into seasonal products at Easter and ePac was a big help with printing our ‘Good Eggs’ pouches. We are now developing our new packaging range for Christmas, which ePac will be helping us out with too.”

“Fast delivery from a local supplier and flexibility in design helped Doisy & Dam get their new products to market, and we were delighted to support their whole product range of roll stock and pouches,” says Nick Monk, Sales Director UK & Ireland and Managing Partner of ePac UK Silverstone. “With no origination costs and lowest minimum orders, Doisy & Dam can manage their cashflow and inventory much better, and grab any new opportunity to get into a retailer quickly.”  

Would you like to have the same flexibility in your packaging choices? Call us today to learn more about how ePac UK can help you.

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