custom pet food packaging

While the type and quality of products consumers purchase for their furry friends are important, the packaging protecting the contents inside is just as influential in purchasing decisions. Partnering with the right pet food packaging manufacturer is essential to ensure that your pet food, treats, toys, and supplements stand out on the shelf and in the minds of consumers. Whether you’re looking for cat food packaging or dog treat packaging supplies, we’re here to help. 

convenient + pet-proof packaging

One of the many benefits of flexible packaging is its lightweight, pliable and durable composition. Lay flat, stand up pouches and digitally printed rollstock have an inherently flexible structure that allows for it to be easily compressed, so your brand’s dog treats can be tossed in consumer’s bags and taken on the go. Some key elements that you should look for in your packaging include:


Press-to-close zipper options keep pets out while securing and preventing spillage of the food, treats or supplements inside. This ranks high on the list of consumer needs when it comes to pet supply packaging.

high barriers

Our films are made from premium materials that have the ability to keep that funky animal food and treat smell that pets love at bay and simultaneously maintain product freshness.

durability and puncture-resistance

These features are also crucial so that pets cannot easily bite or tear through packaging, giving pet lovers peace of mind.

purrfect packaging for a variety of products 

Regardless of what types of products your brand produces, be that dog treats, catnip, organic pet food, dog bones, or chew toys of any kind, our custom pet food packaging is designed with animals and their humans in mind. Stay top of mind with consumers with digitally printed high-definition graphics and bold, vibrant colors, printed on your packaging and shipped to you within 5-15 business days (upon artwork approval).

pet food packaging fAQs

What material is your pet food packaging made of?

Our pet food packaging is made from a variety of different films, depending on the product requirements. All of our packaging is fully customizable to fit your needs and can be produced with varying finishes such as matte, soft-touch, gloss or spot embellishment, and features.

What makes our pet food packaging different?

At ePac, we develop all of our flexible packaging products with with our customers‘ needs in mind. With our low minimum orders, quick turnaround time, photo-qualiy graphics, and abiltiy to run multiple SKUs at once, ePac is the ideal partner for pet brands of all sizes.

How does your packaging keep pet food products fresh?

Our packaging is made from a variety of films that help to extend the shelf life of your products. With the added ability to reseal, you can preserve your pet food product’s freshness, reduce waste, and provide customer convenience.

Do you offer sustainable or recylable packaging for pet food products?

We offer sustainable packaging options, including reyclable and post-consumer recycled films, for pet food brands looking for more earth-friendly packaging. Click here to learn more about our eco-friendly packaging options.

What is your turnaround time on pet food packaging?

Our turnaround time for pet food packaging is 5 business days for rollstock, and 15 business days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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