Enter the California Cannabis Market With Compliant Packaging

25 Jan2018

Following voter approval in 2016, the sale of marijuana for recreational use became legal in California on January 1, 2018. Suppliers are eager to enter this new market, which is anticipated to have a value of up to $7 billion.

With the new market come new rules, however, and there are several that address legal cannabis packaging. Whether you are a startup cannabis supplier or an established company seeking to expand into California, ePac offers a one-stop solution for packaging that meets state requirements.

Child-Resistant Packaging

California regulations for marijuana packaging include a provision that cannabis, and cannabis infused products, must be sealed in child-resistant packaging before distribution. Compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards for Poison Prevention Packaging as required by the current Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700, is required.

Packaging Material

CA state regulations require a package to be at least 2.25mil in thickness. In addition, manufacturers of cannabis products should ensure the material used contains a sufficient sealant layer with high-barrier properties to reduce the transfer of aroma, water, and oxygen.

Communicating Ingredients

Special rules also say that the language on each package must inform the consumer of its contents, including ingredients, weight or volume, and THC and CBD content per package and per serving. The text on each package must also include manufacturer name and contact information, along with a “made on” date and expiration date. In addition, medical warnings must be included, such as marijuana impairing driving and motor skills and an advisory that pregnant women check with their doctor before ingesting.

Let ePac Help You Growth Business

At ePac, we focus on helping small and medium size businesses grow into big businesses, and we specialize in custom printing and manufacturing of flexible packaging for Cannabis.

ePac offers certified child resistant, re-closable packaging for single and multi-use edibles, flowers, and concentrates, as well for use with custom printed exit bags.

Our state of the art digital printing platform produces economically priced short and medium run length orders, with no plate fees, shipped within 10 business days from the time artwork is approved.  At ePac, we understand packaging rules and regulations, and offer a broad assortment of package styles, all made with premium, high-barrier materials.

So whether its cannabis edible packaging you’re looking for, or any other type of flexible packaging for cannabis, ePac has you covered. For more information, send us an inquiry from our online contact form.